Fun on country tunes

amene-spectateurs-voyageIt was party night on Thursday with the passage of the living legend of Quebec Paul Daraîche country which, for the occasion, was accompanied by a bevy of guests rather surprising.

Although there were still some vacancies in the Michel-side room, the audience still responded in large numbers and, frankly, each spectator seemed ready to enjoy this show called Showtime, a pure moment of country.

So with six musicians Paul Daraîche brought the audience on a musical journey where the country was in the spotlight, and that, in almost all its variations.

Thus, so was able to feast on a country with rock accents with Showtime song. Moreover, it is with great enthusiasm that the singer has joined Marjo Daraîche on stage to interpret the energy piece that gave its title to the tour. Note also that Marjo returned later to deliver a poignant version of the success she had sung at the time with Gerry Boulet, The eyes of the heart.

Otherwise, Paul Daraîche also honors the important contribution of country music in the genesis of rock n ‘roll by presenting a piece of Elvis Presley that he interpreted with obvious pleasure with David Thibault.

The other two special guests Paul Daraîche, that is to say Laurence Jalbert and Mario Pelchat, they were treated to a hero’s welcome from the public. In fact, Mario Pelchat could not help but share a moment both fun and touching telling that in his youth he went to seek advice from Daraîche during one of his visits in the region. Life will then causes Pelchat will become producer of the country legend and a friend. Additionally, by the admission of Pelchat, the latter had promised not appear on the latest album from Paul Daraîche to concentrate on his work as a producer, but the natural income is galloping and he did could not resist the temptation to lend his voice to the song Tell them gently.

On the side of the stage, say that it has helped to give a little touch of humor to the show. Indeed, as the singer alternated stage presence as well as a second small topped scene Daraîche explained these transitions telling with amusement that his team wanted to make him lose weight. So every time that the singer had to go up or down in the second scene, his comments to that effect caused very crazy good hearty laughter from the audience.

If there is one thing we can not doubt seeing this special relationship with his public Daraîche is that when an artist offers the best of himself to his audience, they will remain forever passionate, despite the passage of time and fashions.

That Daraîche Paul seems to have understood for a long time and in light of his performance that lasted nearly 120 consecutive minutes, the singer has more to prove about his generosity towards his audience.

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