The fun pub coming to town

profite-regain-populariteThe board game almost knows his 2nd heyday in Quebec. Born in Europe, the phenomenon of fun pubs across the Atlantic to settle in North America.

After Snakes & Lattes Toronto, first in Canada, and Randolph Montreal, Quebec first, now Sherbrooke joined the movement by opening its first fun pub where you can eat food and drinks around a board game . The Montagu pub celebrated its four months of existence on April 1.

“It was an event at the Cathedral in the Dégustabière in October 2014. We wanted to come to the Randolph animation games, but instead of bringing an outside company, I decided to m associate with the Gryphon. We installed a games section in the cathedral. It has pogne, it was amazing, the tables were always full of people, “says Simon Nantel, owner.

The idea germinated and 1 December 2015, the Montagu pub welcomed its first guests on the second floor of the building housing the City since Mrs. Pickwick grants only bar permits to establishments located two meters above or below Wellington Street North.

The concept is simple. Five dollars cover the entry fee. A facilitator comes to the table to know the desires of the players and recommend a few games among the 320 available. Once the choice is made, it explains the regulations and in less than 15 minutes customers begin to play.

“People do not have to read the rules or take time to learn how the game works, our leaders know the games and people can quickly start playing. It’s more convenient than a place where we did just put games in a closet, “says Simon Nantel.

Among the most popular games include Cash & Guns, a game where people improvise gangsters and betray each other with foam shots.

“Often there is a domino effect, people see that another table has a lot of fun playing a game and they will say:” I also want to play that. ” It is noticed that people are abandoning traditional games like Monopoly and Destinies example for other more complicated games and it shows that there is a growing interest in the board game, “says Simon Nantel.

Moreover, since its opening, the place has an excellent record ridership.

“People thank us and tell us that it was missing in Sherbrooke a place like that. It gives a new idea of ​​further output eternal cinema exit, exit restaurant, bar output. One of the reasons that pushed me a lot to start this is that I wanted the depluggent people. People are all the time connected to their phone. People are told: “let go of your devices and have fun together, you talk, ‘” Mr. Nantel tip.

The proof, the pub has no TV and does not provide wi-fi to customers. In the future, the institution plans to organize tournaments, add new games to its collection and may double capacity if the stars align. In the short term, it also wants to equip a brand because its entrance is well camouflaged.

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