Funeral Samantha Higgins: “We are honored to have known”

parents-amis-tente-reconforter-funeraillesRelatives of Samantha Higgins have made sad farewell to the young woman of 22 whose dismembered body was found in a plastic bag on 9 July.

Throughout the day, in front of a funerary complex of the Sud-Ouest in Montreal, relatives and friends have offered some comfort in hugging, weeping bitterly.

“Samantha was a good person, a loving mother, and we are honored to have known,” said Laurie McKernan, a family friend who considers himself a bit like the aunt of Samantha.

Mrs McKernan has launched a fundraising campaign on Gofundme to pay for the funeral and help the two children of the victim who are aged four years and three months. Within days, over $ 8,000 was raised. “People have responded in large numbers, it helps restore faith in humanity, people have really opened their hearts and it helps us a lot.”

Mrs McKernan, however, called on people to show respect and restraint towards the family. On the Facebook page created in memory of Samantha, some people have speculated about the reasons and circumstances of the murder of the young woman. “Nobody knows what happened and nobody will know it, we prefer not to know what you think about what product,” she said.

Samantha Higgins, who lived in the borough of LaSalle in Montreal, was missing for nearly three days when her body was found in a bag under a bridge in Hinchinbrooke, Montérégie, about 70 kilometers from his residence.

On July 13, just days after the discovery of the body of Samantha, Nicholas Fontanelli, the fiancé of the young woman and the father of their children, was charged with premeditated murder and contempt of corpse. The young man of 22 who already had trouble with the law in 2010 for flight must return to court Aug. 17 and will remain held by then.

“I can not believe that such cases happened, she [Samantha] so do not deserve it,” said Sue Meyer, a guidance counselor who knew Samantha who attended the funeral on Saturday.

At least a hundred people attended the ceremony in honor of the young woman in the afternoon, according to some attendees.

“The service was beautiful and very touching,” said Ms. Meyer.

“She was only 22, she had her life ahead of her,” Patricia Gauthier dropped while suppressing a sob.

“We are still in shock,” said her friend Ms. Meyer.

According to the two ladies, the mother of Vanessa Higgins victim was devastated, but has remained strong throughout the day. “She has a real strength in her that drives her to keep moving,” Ms. Meyer said.

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