Future exposure to Pulperie: Both sides of beauty

dallaire-pas-mange-coupsOn one side the monsters on the other Victor Dallaire. The exhibitions presented until October 2, at the Chicoutimi Pulp, show many different faces of artistic creation. There are works that are scary and those that move and delight the visitor experience as concocted by the Regional Museum team.

“We have two beautiful exhibition,” summarized the director general of the institution, Jacques Fortin, at a press conference held yesterday. By adding the return of summer theater after an absence of one year, under the umbrella of the Theatre 100 masks, as well as activities such as the lyrical Destination, obtained the promise of a fruitful summer.

At her side, Victor Dallaire expressed all the good he thinks his retrospective, an exhibition entitled The wood in the soul. there we find works from his personal collection, as well as that of the museum. Private collectors have also loaned some sculptures.

“I just visited the exhibition. I did not think it would be that big. I thank those who worked on it. It’s very well done, “said the Baieriverain, a man who prefers to express himself using tools, rather than a forum.

It is more lively after the press conference, while the participants visited the room where his works have been combined. Naturally, in this season of the series, they headed toward the ultimate inspiration, a replica of the Stanley Cup carved from basswood.

” It’s impressive. This is my favorite, “commented the president of the Pulperie Jerome Gagnon. It is true that this life-size sculpture, commissioned by a Sagueneen, strikes the imagination. Fun to look at the names of the winning teams, as well as details of decoration. Everything is exactly the same.

The room also contains representations of animals, which are just as glaring truth. Added to oversized paintings, including one depicting the arrival of the Augustinians in Chicoutimi, and a cabinet decorated with bas-reliefs, genre scenes and very seductive female nudes, camped in a sylvan setting.

Ferocious beauties

On entering the second exhibition, La Fabrique monsters, one discovers the other side of artistic creation. This is more than produce beauty, at least, a version of the beauty that would rally the votes of the majority. But rather as ferocious beauties.

“This is my training in art history which inspired me to explore this theme. I knew there were endless possibilities, “said Kathleen Vickers, director of collections and research. In six months, which is low for a project of this scale, it has found 104 objects, some of which are chilling.

His pride is to have drawn largely in the museum collection. Thus at the chance of a visit, you see charcoal produced by Sister Mary of the Grace, which was part of the Congregation of Our Lady of Good Counsel, sumptuous designs and Pascal Picard, of course, sculptures by Victor Dallaire.

It remains to be seen how families react. They want parents expose their children to Satan prints showing the heart of his kingdom, the characters of the film Alien, or the serpent convinced Eve biting into the apple? “I will not be worried about the idea of ​​bringing my children here,” Kathleen replied Vickers, smiling.

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