Gabriel case: the opportunity to debate on humor, according to Ward

humoriste-mike-ward(Quebec) Confessing that further cost him very little Jérémy probably $ 50,000 on lawyers, comedian Mike Ward believes that the debate on humor which will take place at his trial before the Human Rights Tribunal of person is not a bad thing.

“I do not think it’s bad, a discussion on humor, but it’s stressful to be in court,” admitted the comedian to host Éric Salvail Thursday afternoon during the show and Éric Fantastic, he is one of the collaborators on the Energy radio network.

“I think there are many comedians who will be interested in that, because it is the first time a Quebec humorist is brought before the courts. It will set a precedent, “said he also added.

After just paid the head of Ward, and his co-host Salvail Mélanie Maynard tried to learn a little more about the case by questioning the comedian, whose cause will continue in February. “I can not say anything …” was first met Ward, adding that “the little Jérémy was in show Mike Ward presentation I stopped doing in 2013”.

Ward also admitted that he preferred not to read what was written about him since the trial has been publicized. “I try not to read anything when there’s a scandal. Otherwise, you want to go on Facebook and respond and it’s rarely a good idea, “he replied.

When asked how the trial was going to cost him, Ward did not try to duck. “Whether I win or I lose, it’s going to cost me $ 50,000 in legal fees. My lawyer Julius Grey and I pay $ 650 an hour, but it is excellent. It is impressive. This is the best in the world in terms of freedom of expression, “he continues.

Expressions of sympathy

Salvail and Menard also said he received several expressions of sympathy for Ward from their listeners. When the host asked him what his highlight of the day, the comedian has not hesitated.

“I get a lot of love full of people and I am very happy,” he has said, citing an email from his comedian colleague and neighbor Boucar Diouf who had made him much good.

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