Gasoline climbed to 99 ¢ a liter

prix-essence-finalementThe upward pressure on gasoline prices finally had its effect in the Sherbrooke area. Tuesday morning, some retailers showed 99 ¢ a liter of regular fuel.

Other selling for 93 ¢, up two cents since yesterday.

Not surprisingly, because the indicators were in this direction for several days. According to CAA-Quebec, gasoline must be sold at about 99 ¢ in the Estrie region, according to the estimate of the “realistic price”.

This price is calculated based on the daily indicator of the cost of acquisition (93 ¢) and the average retail margin last 52 weeks (6.8 ¢).

Last week, the agency calculated that stood at 97 ¢, while the price posted at gas stations was 91 ¢ in Sherbrooke.

Neighboring regions, such as the Centre-du-Québec and Montérégie, the price is also subject to upward pressure.

In January last the price of regular gasoline had dropped below the $ 1 per liter in the Estrie region.

Lesser amounts

This increase came hours after he learned that the quantities of fuel sold by service stations of the Eastern Townships and Centre-du-Québec are lower than those indicated at the pump. From 2010 to 2015, some retailers have sold less gasoline that was paid by consumers, according to Industry Canada data obtained by ICI Radio-Canada under the Access to Information Act.

It is estimated that these inaccuracies may have cost nearly $ 20million to consumers across the country.

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