Gaspesie-Island link Anticosti North Shore would be profitable with public funds

nordik-passeur-relie-riviere-renard(Gaspe) The business plan of a possible link between the Gaspé Peninsula, Anticosti Island and the North Shore reveals that the service would be profitable, provided that the purchase of the ship and its further development are paid by the government or a public corporation.

This business plan has been approved in the last days by the three municipalities involved in the project, Gaspé, since the port of Rivière-au-Renard is tipped, Havre-Saint-Pierre and Anticosti Island.

“The conclusion of the business plan is that it is profitable in the first year, if there is no debt. The operations themselves are profitable, that the partner is private or public, “the mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.

Should therefore be a public agency or department of the Quebec government extends the amount necessary to acquire a ship. A philanthropic impulse or the intervention of a private company ready to roll out the infrastructure debt on years are not part of the privileged scenarios by the promoter municipalities.

“It will make public funds. There are four areas of maritime strategy that align with the objectives sought by our maritime service, plus the desire to open up Anticosti Island five to six months a year, “said Mr. Côté.

Promote goods transport by ship, save Quebec ports, promoting ferry services supply and modernize maritime tourism are the framing lines in the Maritime Strategy.

The business plan prepared by Lemay + DAA Strategies emphasizes in particular that the service would benefit tourism in the three sectors while enhancing the transport of forest products and general goods, services to the oil and gas industry and labor mobility -d’oeuvre.

Vessel capacity referred totaled 125 vehicles and 635 passengers, almost double the Nordik Treader, which linked the same three sectors from 1994 to 1996. The business plan indicates that about 28,000 people would attend the service if he returned, including 13,500 visitors who would not come otherwise.

Daniel Côté ensures that it is possible to find a ship that meet these requirements in the amount of $ 15 million, or a little less.

“There is targeted vessels whose acquisition cost would be about $ 6.5 million gross. We must add 25% tariffs, and upgrade its “Canadianization” for the standards here for a few million more, “says Daniel Côté.

“The ship has to adjust to the dock. The ramp is on the ship, which reduces infrastructure costs to the platforms […] There are 10 ships on the market that meet our criteria, particularly in Europe. Two are in South America, “he said.

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