Gastroenteritis settles in France

papier-wc_nebari-fotolia-630x0On its website, the Sentinelles network draws up an assessment of the situation in France. Three regions are particularly affected: Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, Grand Est and Île-de-France. According to Sentinelles, the number of general medical consultations for cases of acute diarrhea represents about 194 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Viral and contagious
This symptom is often that of acute gastroenteritis. This inflammation of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract causes abdominal pain and vomiting. As Ameli Health reminds us, this inflammation is generally viral and in fact a very contagious disease. In this case, it usually lasts no more than three days.

What transmission?
Contamination is often caused by direct contact with a sick person, contaminated food or contact with objects contaminated by a sick person.

What treatment?
In most cases, gastroenteritis does not require antibiotics. The treating physician may also prescribe transit busters. In rare cases, gastroenteritis in adults can cause dehydration requiring hospitalization.

How to prevent?
Certain hygiene measures can limit the contamination and prevent the onset of gastroenteritis. It is advisable to wash your hands frequently, to use tissues, to clean the toilets with a disinfectant … Regarding the food, Ameli Health recommends always to clean the kitchen utensils, not to let the sick people prepare Meals, not to share tableware, to keep food fresh and to meet the preservation deadline.When traveling, it is better to respect certain hygiene precautions: drink only bottled water Closed, do not take ice cubes, nor eat raw vegetables. Milk must be pasteurized, meat, eggs and fish well cooked.

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