Georges Girard: a force of nature

georges-girard-jamais-pris-part(Québec) over 90 years, he still put on his skis to participate in world championships abroad. His health allows him no more, but Georges Girard can compliment always be a force of nature. “The Workhorse” athlete turns 100 Saturday.

Georges Girard was Canadian wrestling champion from 1946 to 1950.

“I’ve done just about every sport. I was shaped in the year, “recalls Georges Girard, known for his passion for skiing.

No doubt, it is primarily through physical activity as “Little George” has preserved his health. “If there is no skiing in heaven, I do not want to go,” he once said in a television interview. In another, recorded, there nearly 30 years, it is in this almost prophetic comment: “I want to live long, and there’s nothing like that to help me.”

The Sun met the venerable athlete in his bungalow Beauport, where he lives with his youngest son, Francis, who takes care of him. Girard father has now swapped his sticks canes, but it still moves standing alone. Although his speech is confused moments he has sparkling eyes of a young man who has the future ahead. Mr. Girard is in love with life, and it loves him back.

The glory after retirement

At home, the living room walls are covered with photos, newspaper articles and paintings representative. He explains the origin of each of its treasures with pride, while her dog Jackson turns nicely into the room.

At the end of a corridor, a crowded room became over time a kind of tribute museum throughout human journey. Meet there medals, trophies and banners, most relatively recent, as Mr. Girard had its heyday after the age of retirement. Among the objects, a flag written in Russian is the witness of the progress made by the founder to live his passion. “In cross country, you’re free, you choose,” he says to explain what he likes both the sport.

He still hopes to get back on his skis. “I miss him right balance,” he said. His determination is touching.

Mr. Girard has never taken part in the Olympic Games or World Cups; it is by its longevity as an athlete that stood out. It will become legend.

In 1972, he participated in his first Masters Championships in Quebec, which he won. The competition is for 34 years and older. He has 56.

Twelve years later, it crosses Québec Gaspé in Hull, a hike made 2000 kilometers in 35 days. He is 68 years old.

It was not until 1986 that he participated in his first international competition, the Master World Championship, held that year in Lake Placid, New York. He won two bronze medals. This is the beginning of a long love affair: he will be a teacher for 20 consecutive years. He wins 14 medals during this period, including 2 at the presentation of the event in Valcartier in 2002.

Chief of police, social worker, councilor

Georges Girard was born in Saint-Casimir de Portneuf 27 June 1915. He began gliding sports at the age of seven. Fighter blood running through his veins. His uncle was Victor Delamarre, a legend of wrestling and weightlifting, among others recognized for raising a load of 201.5 pounds with one finger, February 24, 1922, in the Auditorium of Québec.

From 1946 to 1950, Mr. Girard is a Canadian wrestling champion! He also practiced cycling, tennis, weightlifting and hockey. Among others. At 15, passing through Montreal, he played a few games in a line with Maurice Richard.

Mr. Girard was chief of police, social worker, councilor … He even tried to get elected for mayor of Giffard, neighborhood where he still resides.

He also participated in the establishment of several cross-country ski courses, including those of Mont-Sainte-Anne and Le Massif de Petite-Rivière-Saint-François. His son remembers that Mr. Girard traced route from the family home – the same where he still lives, St. David Avenue – to Lake Beauport. At the time, there were still fields and cows behind the house, remembers François Girard. “[The cross country] was not in fashion, then it was considered a bizarre. We [the children] were a little embarrassed. But he was always on the trot, “he says.

The wife of Mr. Girard, Jeanne D’arc Lelièvre, died in 1992. They had seven children, three of whom did not survive him. Man has nine grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.

Mr. Girard The anniversary will be celebrated this morning at Tomas Tam, the birthday club sports Friends (CADAS). A hundred people would be there. The celebrated receive a bronze bust in his image and a watercolor. New treasures …

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