GHG: Quebec targets affect the transportation and construction

ministre-environnement-david-heurtel-lance(QUEBEC) How Quebecers move and build their houses will have to be redesigned to allow the province to reach new gas reduction targets for greenhouse gases (GHG) that Couillard government announced on Thursday.

The Environment Minister, David Heurtel, launched a consultation to provide Québec new climate targets for the year 2030. The government proposes the next 15 years to reduce emissions by 37.5% below the 1990 level .

“We must all put our shoulders to the wheel, said the minister. It is a global effort, then everyone will have to contribute to this reduction target. ”

Mr. Heurtel said it is “premature” to accurately predict how emission reduction efforts will affect the lifestyle of Quebecers. But he hinted at major changes in many areas.

“Whether it is the agricultural sector, the transport sector, the construction industry, there are many opportunities to not only change the way we do, but also economic development opportunities,” he said .

He recalled that the transport sector alone is responsible for 44% of GHG emissions in Quebec. In this respect, Quebec will table a new draft of the electric transportation strategy, an idea launched by the government Marois.

Travel by region, particularly in the North, will be redesigned, added Mr. Heurtel. Even town planning should be reviewed to facilitate public transit.

The minister also cited the example of construction. This could include promoting the use of green technologies such as geothermal energy to heat homes, he said.

Earlier on Thursday, Prime Minister Philippe Couillard has warned it would cost even more head Quebecers to sit idle before the climate threat.

“We must see this as an opportunity for economic development even stronger and more long-term carrier said Mr. Couillard. We must also remember that not fighting climate change involves significant costs: think of extreme weather events, consider bank erosion, think of the impacts on health, for example. ”


The unveiling of the target occurs within three months of the Paris Conference, a key event in the international efforts to fight climate change.

It also comes as the Liberal government is studying the possibility of developing the oil industry on Anticosti Island.

The eyes of the spokesperson of Équiterre, Steven Guilbault, Quebec will achieve its objectives while allowing developing shale oil on its territory.

“The Canadian and Quebec political class must understand that he must make choices, summarized Mr. Guilbault. We can not hope to reduce our GHG emissions as significantly as is offers and continue to develop hydrocarbons. ”

Environmentalist participated in the working group set up by Quebec to develop its new targets. He welcomed the new objectives advanced by the Government Couillard.

Mr. Guilbault agrees that Quebecers must expect change. But it is not a “sacrifice,” he said. Scandinavian countries have managed to pollute half as Quebec without compromising the standard of living of their citizens.

“I do not think the Swedes are 50% less fortunate than we are because they pollute less than half,” he illustrated.

Couillard The government will submit its GHG reduction targets in a consultation in committee this fall.

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