Gigantic – MOBA Open Beta to arrive in December

giganticIn the world of MOBA, making a name has become very difficult with the great pillars that have dominated the genre for years. That does not prevent Gigantic to continue its momentum soon venturing into public beta.

A new fighter in the ring
Between LoL, DOTA, SMITE, Paragon, Battlerite, etc. Gigantic decided to take up the challenge. Despite the great difficulties imposed on newcomers with competitors already present, Motiga is confident. His MOBA cartoonsque design was first appeared in closed beta on Xbox One and PC. We learn today that an open beta will soon be organized on the Store of Windows 10. So the players of both platforms of Microsoft can all discover the game without restriction.

In addition to that, it will be possible to play in cross-play, which means that fans of the Xbox One or the PC will be able to compete and prove who is the strongest. It is therefore from December 8 that the game will be accessible for all. All that remains is to wait a little longer and those who have not had the chance to try it will enjoy the MOBA of Perfect World.

Gigantic will be available for free on Xbox One and PC on December 8th.

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