Gigi Hadid had a big problem at the Victoria’s Secret parade!

gigi-hadid-bella-hadid-victoria-s-secretThe unavoidable event was held yesterday in Paris. The Victoria’s Secret annual parade was a great sight, but Gigi Hadid had a problem running … What happened to him? Discover it immediately!
No one has missed it … The famous Angels of Victoria’s Secret went to Paris to present the new collection and it’s a first! The most cannon and popular models are currently in our capital and parade last night at the Grand Palais. Besides, the three BFFs, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid were in Paris before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. If the show was once again extraordinary and had its eyes full, some Angels had some problems and this is the case for Gigi Hadid. What happened to him ? Immediately find out what problem she had in treading the podium!

Our Angel of Victoria’s Secret had a problem with his costume when he passed on the podium. At one of her parades, Gigi Hadid wore huge black wings with velvet ties and a delicate black lace bra. However, one of the straps of his suit broke and Gigi Hadid still had a long part of the track to go before he could get rid of it. Fortunately, there was more fear than harm because the broken strap did not drop his wings on the podium. Even if the sublime Angel had to be very embarrassed and a bit stressed, she did not show it and paraded like a queen. While waiting to view the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, find out if you could be friends with Gigi Hadid! What did you think of the parade looks?

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