Gilles Duceppe attack his opponents on federal health transfers

enjeu-transferts-sante-majeur-soutientThe Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe attacked his opponents accusing them of putting the public health system at risk.

Gilles Duceppe said this morning wanting to “do the restoration of federal health transfers his first battle horse of the Bloc,” the latter having been frozen by the government. He asks that Ottawa takes into account the effects of the aging population, which would have the effect of increasing transfers to Quebec of $ 7.3 billion over the next 10 years.

“By deciding to freeze the health transfers, [Stephen Harper] puts the health system at risk”, denounced the Bloc leader.

That Gilles Duceppe says expect very little in this case of the other two contenders for the post of Prime Minister. He particularly regrets that Justin Trudeau “has made no clear commitment” on the subject.

As for Thomas Mulcair, Duceppe accused of denying the principles of his party. “To please the banks on Bay Street, he made a formal commitment to reach the zero deficit, we embark on austerity as Stephen Harper proposes.”

The issue of health transfers is important, argues Gilles Duceppe, since it threatens to create an “extreme fiscal imbalance”. “If nothing changes, in 30 years, Ottawa has fully paid his debt while Quebec and the provinces are almost in bankruptcy”, launched the Bloc leader, who supports his comments on the findings of the Parliamentary Budget Officer. It also quotes the Conference Board of Canada estimates that in 20 years, Ottawa will generate annual surplus of 110 billion while the provinces will generate 172 billion deficits.

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