Gilles Duceppe has 10 candidates, including Sophie Stanke

gille-duceppeGilles Duceppe presented Thursday ten new candidates from the Bloc Quebecois, whose presenter and actress Sophie Stanke was the headliner at the first rally supporter of the party in Montreal since the beginning of the campaign. The Bloc leader also assured that at least 73 out of 78 candidates have been officially confirmed by next Wednesday.

In a speech to a hundred militants in a bistro east of Montreal, the Bloc leader for most of its attacks to Thomas Mulcair. He accused the leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) to have held a double standard on the draft Energy East pipeline during the leaders’ debate in English on Thursday night. “Mr. Mulcair said it is a “win-win-win.” It is against the Northern Gateway and Keystone XL because it is dangerous for the environment, but when it happens in Quebec, there is no problem. That’s what he said in English to Canadians. But I’d like that he comes to say the same thing in French Quebecers, “he said.

Gilles Duceppe also launched a message to all sovereignists tempted to vote for the NDP again. “This guy [Thomas Mulcair] has led battles against us, this guy voted Liberal in Quebec, it is against the austerity of Harper, for austerity of Couillard.”

The leader of the sovereignist hope cross swords with Stephen Harper and the leaders of the “Canadian Supply” at upcoming debates. “I’ve done 15 debates. I’m ready to go, but invite me, “he said. Gilles Duceppe said it was “surreal” Thursday night that the four leaders have spent “half an hour talking about Quebec sovereignty by having excluded the Bloc debate.”

The former candidate Quebec Sophie Stanke Party hopes that the third time is the charm, after two defeats in the 2012 and 2014 elections She says she was convinced to get into the fray by Gilles Duceppe and the former head Mario Beaulieu. “This time, it’s good! I am a woman left first. Changing things in society, this is really what I want to do, “she assured in an interview with The Gazette.

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