Gilles Julien: “The State does not have to feed our children”

fort-nouvelle-subvention-plusieurs-dizaines“I was the only winner of the last budget! “Says laughingly Dr. Gilles Julien.

In fact, 22 million were awarded to the Foundation for the next five years to bring its network to 42 social pediatrics centers. By 2020, the Finance Minister, Carlos Leitao, promised to contribute up to 60 million. “We currently follows 4,000 children and our target is to help 20,000 soon,” says Dr. Julien.

This is not without invidious community organizations that are forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel. The doctor’s clinic network Julien – who follow not destitute children to treat otitis last but to help them to keep their heads above water in general – is not the case either of the unions.

Dr. Julien is well aware. However, it has the support that matters: that of Philippe Couillard himself, “who said earlier this mandate that vulnerable children are her priority and that is that it works.”

The cuts in education, which particularly affect children in difficulty, they likely do not yet precisely to increase the number of vulnerable children to help? Would not it be more effective to properly fund services at the base?

“We certainly do not pretend to save the world […]. It is clear that the government sectional crazy, but at the same time, he does what he can. ”

“Is the state to feed children at school? “He asks, referring to the current cuts in food measures.

Dr. Julien does not believe him, nor does he think it is the government’s finance homework help or a CPE network.

“If we ask the state to do all this, it will not do well his real job. And his real job is to give a good education, accessible to all, and good health care. ”

The “white elephant” Early Childhood

And CPE? “A white elephant was created and we will have to rethink it. The CPE was set up originally to help disadvantaged children. But at present, even here (in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve), we can barely have a few places reserved to the CPE for children that we follow to the clinic. ”

According to Dr. Julien, “we are at a turning point.” It is time for citizens and communities to take control.

“We demobilized families. They were told: “Your children, the state will take care.” But it has no sense that the government takes care of our babies in daycare! ”

Or, to paraphrase another, it takes a village to raise a child, but in real life, helping children in difficulty can not be given by any Joe Blow, it is suggested.

To this, Dr. Julien gives the example of the body Passe-Partout in his neighborhood, who, with volunteers and employees, offers homework help for 25 years.

It also recalls that making prevention as do clinical, monitoring cost for one child is $ 2,000 per year. If we let problems escalate and that DYP must get involved, “the cost is 10 to 15 times higher.”

Whether it is unlikely to be a loss of control of subsidies if large sums are sent to organizations like hers than to health and education networks established, Dr. Julien insists. “As partners in government, we have a rendering of accounts to close. ”

Also, he says, “we are not a community organization, but a social enterprise. If we receive grants, we also work very hard to go find ourselves in the middle donations. ”

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