Golf season already shows its face

plusieurs-golfeurs-pointer(Sherbrooke) If the mild weather of recent days has everything to displease the maple, it’s the opposite for golfers in the region, in which the smell of spring is inevitably accompanied by the soft sound of the first moose on the tee.

They have also been many Saturday and Sunday to point the tip of the nose to the Eastern Townships Golf Club, which opened its practice field as early as Tuesday.

“My sister has a maple 40 000 taps and it does not suit them for sure, says the manager Luc Bergeron, but the misfortune of some makes the happiness of others! It’s always like that! ”

“This is the first time in 20 years that also opens early, he adds. The phone rings a lot. The legs and hands of their sting golfers. They smile and are pretty good mood on arrival. ”

Not three weeks

As if the temperature last week was not enough to titillate the lovers of green, the Milby Golf Club has not bothered to add publishing photos of his newly discovered green on his Facebook page. Green that seemed ready to welcome its first putts, even if the Superintendent Eric Laprade is careful to temper the enthusiasm of those who already see them get their first birdie.

“I do not dream in color, said Eric Laprade. There is still ice in places and it goes cold again in the coming weeks, in addition to possibly snow again. I dare not comment on an opening date, but it is true that we have beautiful green despite the weather we’ve had this winter, where there was a lot of freezing and thawing. This is encouraging, that’s for sure and if he can continue to get hot, it can only help. ”

Luc Bergeron hopes on him to open his whereabouts during the first week of April, possibly at the end of March.

“Normally, we open the third week of April when we look at the past few years, but it also opens the practice field later! It could be in three weeks, but it will not be before then. It will depend on the temperature. ”

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