Grave parachute accident: two causes identified

-deploiement-parachute-reserveThe deployment of the reserve parachute and the training of emergency response instructors are the two main causes that led to a serious accident at the Gatineau airport last summer.

The Standards Commission, equity, health, and safety (CNESST) has come to this conclusion in its investigation of the incident that occurred on July 8.

That day, an instructor GO Skydive Gatineau and his client were jumping from an airplane in tandem.

The instructor has released his main canopy, which is automatically deploy the reserve parachute.

Both were caught in a fall into a spin and crashed to the ground. They suffered serious injuries.

All equipment used for GO Skydive tandem jump will be checked by a certified rigger.

The CNESST will forward its findings to the Canadian Parachute Association.

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