Greece: negotiations on a new bailout Monday

gens-font-file-pour-entrerThe representatives of Greece’s creditors, the EU and IMF will begin on Monday in Athens discussions with the Greek authorities to finalize a new loan to the country, said Sunday the European Commission.

“The teams arrive in Athens tomorrow, and the meetings will begin immediately,” told AFP a spokesman for the Commission.

However, he did not say if these teams were initially composed only of experts, or would also include the heads of delegations of the four relevant institutions, Commission, European Central Bank, the European Stability Mechanism and the International Monetary Fund.

A source from the Greek Ministry of Finance had said on Saturday that the heads of missions that will arrive by Thursday, also fixing to Tuesday the start of discussions.

The blur has continued to soar in recent days on the date of arrival of this mission, amid strong resistance from the Greek radical left government to accept a recovery on the same model of visits before he took office in January by representatives of the creditors, then collectively referred troika name.

“The delay of heads of mission is due to technical reasons, not for political or diplomatic reasons,” the source said Saturday the Greek Ministry.

The aim of the discussions is to finalize by August 20 a third loan to Greece, running over three years to more than 82 billion euros. The principle was agreed on July 13 between the leaders of countries in the euro zone after marathon negotiations to prevent Greece from being pushed out of the eurozone.

Athens and Brussels want this negotiation to succeed by “the second half of August.” Greece, whose coffers are empty, must pay 3.19 billion euros to the ECB on 20 August, then 1.5 billion to the IMF in September.

The return to Athens representatives of creditor institutions, who lent the country some 240 billion since 2010, was imposed on Greece under the agreement of 13 July.

The government of Alexis Tsipras had also commit to a series of budget cuts and reforms extending austerity with which he had promised to finish, and the detail and timing of which must bear the negotiations.

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