Greeks voted overwhelmingly not

greek(Athens) The Greeks said no unequivocally Sunday to austerity plan that had submitted their their European creditors and the IMF.

Journalists, observers and pollsters predicted that the results of the referendum, triggered last week by the Prime Minister of the radical left, Alexis Tsipras, to seek a popular mandate rejection of this plan would be tight. But in fact, not clearly took the lead, with some 61% of support, the Yes to nearly 39%.

Sunday night, supporters of No numbered in the thousands on the main Syntagma Square, the center of the capital to celebrate their victory and waving the national flag.

After thanking the Greeks and Europeans solidarity, Premier Tsipras reiterated that this vote was not a sign of a desire to break with Europe, but looking for a more “viable solution, with better terms “for the population. “There are fair and workable solutions, he said. The people did not respond to a question about belonging to Europe, but to a question about what kind of Europe we want, the Europe of solidarity and democracy. ”

The Prime Minister hoped that the European Central Bank will now understand how Greece is ready to continue discussions on the settlement of the cash crisis and put on the table the issue of debt, so far absent from talks. But Prime Minister added that the bank can not now avoid to consider the “humanitarian” dimension of the file.

“The Greek people said a big no,” said Panos Kammenos, head of ANEL, ultranationalist party that is part of the government coalition. The vote shows, he added that the crisis that the country is humanitarian Before then be economical than Greek in three lives below the poverty line, with an unemployment rate of 27% and departures 350 000 young people abroad for four years.

“Tomorrow recommence discussions, it is necessary that we all go there together, those who voted yes and who voted no,” also said Kammenos, defense minister in the coalition.

Side of New Democracy, center-right party that supported the Yes, the reaction was immediate. The leader Antonis Samaras, Prime Minister ousted in January by Tsipras, resigned on learning of the victory of the No.

The Socialist leader also supporter of Yes, has accepted the results by asking European leaders to recognize them in turn.

“It is the government that is responsible for this result, but it is also the responsibility of European government leaders. We must at all costs remain in the euro area and Europe together and try to find what he has to better for Greece, “said the ruling Pasok, the socialist party, Fofi Gennimata shortly after official results showing a strong lead in the No.

International support

Option validated by international prestigious economists Jeffrey Sachs, Paul Krugman and Thomas Piketty, who all criticized the rigidity of the bailout plan proposed by the EU and IMF, Not counted supports around the world.

“Initial results indicate a No vote. If the trend continues, glorious day for democracy in Greece and rebuff for European alarmist, “said Sachs on Twitter.

“The decision of the Greek people is clear and limpid. I hope the European authorities will take the message and recognize its importance in a constructive way, “commented particular Sunday evening Panayotis Gennimatas, former vice president of the European Investment Bank.

He said the Greek should not be the basis for questioning beyond the immediate subject of the liquidity crisis. “The structure of the union is not viable.”

Alkis Rigos, professor of political history at the University of Athens, agree. “This is a huge victory. All the European system was pushing for the opposite, “he says. This shows, according to him, the dialogue, the discussions on austerity particular, can no longer be one-way. “Europe, they are people of all political options, he added, including the left. That is the political message to be understood. ”

According to him, the European authorities, including the European Central Bank, must now respect the will of the Greek people. “There are no large and small in this union,” he said. And there will be no economic development without including Greek people.

For Giorgius Kyrtsos MEP of New Democracy, the center-right supporter of Yes, No rising proved the product of austerity policies. “Our problem is that the current situation has created too many victims,” ​​he said Sunday in an interview. People convinced they have nothing to lose, considering youth be deprived of future. The No is a vote of frustration. ”

According to him, however, many believe that the situation will now be set within 48 hours and that a new agreement will be negotiated soon. “But this, he added, has nothing to do with reality.”

For many voters No, this option is above all a way of trying something else.

“The Non gives me hope,” says Vassilis Kritikidis, owner of Taverna Diavlos. Not This does not mean we want to get out of Europe. Only a No on the way out of the financial crisis, he explained. We just want to have new rules better suited to our situation. ”

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