Green candidates “poles” of Vancouver in Quebec …

fille-elizabeth-may-victoria-cate(Quebec) In the riding of Rimouski-Neigette-Témiscouata-Les Basques, the Green Party candidate, Louise Boutin, is a building officer: … Vancouver. His colleague from Lévis, Tina Biello, is a coordinator of the political also resident in British Columbia. In Quebec, the Sun has identified ten aspiring MPs from the far western province of the country.

And the majority of them already working in some way for Elizabeth May before the election. His daughter, Victoria Cate May Burton, is not an isolated case and flagrant application of “post”. It comes in Berthier-Maskinongé against New Democrat Ruth Ellen Brosseau while she currently resides in Nova Scotia.

The young woman who accompanies her mother throughout the campaign candidly admitted last week that it had not intended to visit or to focus on the issues of the constituency in which his name appears on the ballot vote.

And a dozen other candidates in British Columbia, from where comes the green leader, identified by Le Soleil, follow suit. When we tried to get an interview with ladies Boutin, Biello or with the student from the University of British Columbia (UBC) Sherri Springle that appears in Avignon-La Mitis-Matane-Matapédia, deputy director to party communications, Stephane Vigneault, declined.

Ditto for our requests for explanations in connection with the large number of colors door from outside Quebec who have mostly filed their nomination papers to Elections Canada on the eve of the deadline.

“The Green Party is running candidates across the country to ensure that all voters have the chance to vote for a candidate or a candidate of the Green Party. We are confident that more and more voters choose our party, especially by virtue of the success encountered by the proposals of our platform, “said Mr. Vigneault by email. On the phone, it is not more talkative, saying it is the same answer for all questions relating to this subject.


The head of Forces and Democracy, Jean-François Fortin, dishonest and disrespectful judge this “parachuting” of candidates by the formation of Elizabeth May, a practice also common in other parties and that feeds in his cynicism among voters. “The parachute did not open, they did not take the plane!” Illustrates the incumbent to Avignon-La Mitis-Matane-Matapédia in Gaspésie about the candidates poles.

It is precisely because he did not contribute to the cynicism that says it has presented 17 candidates in three different provinces. “We could double our number of applications,” he says, arguing that his training has 5,000 members.

To remedy the problem, it proposes to require candidates to submit their own nomination papers with the returning officer in their riding. “This would eliminate two-thirds of the candidates posts,” he predicted since they would not want such defray the costs of air travel between Vancouver and Quebec regions where they claim to want to serve the voters.

Mr. Fortin, however, reluctant to claim that all candidates live in the district in which they occur. “It is a possible avenue,” he answered cautiously. According to him, it would perhaps be to eliminate good candidates in their district of birth while they live in another for various circumstances. “There are advantages, but also disadvantages,” says the chef.

The candidates
Victoria Cate May Burton comes in Berthier-Maskinongé. She lives in Nova Scotia, working for the campaign of his mother, the leader Elizabeth May.
Celine Brown MacDonald comes in Beauce. She works for the Green Party and studied at Algonquin College has several campuses in Ontario. His place of residence is not specified.
Jocelyn Gifford comes in Mirabel. It is the Green Party coordinator in Sydney, British Columbia.
Korie Marshall comes in Compton-Stanstead. She is the editor of a media in Valemont, BC, The Rocky Mountain Goat News.
Louise Boutin comes in Rimouski-Neigette-Témiscouata-Les Basques. She works as a building officer in Vancouver.
Marilyn Rediro appears in Saint John. She is a volunteer coordinator for the Green Party in British Columbia.
Nathan Grills comes in Manicouagan. He is the coordinator of the Green Party for the west coast.
Sherri Springles comes in Avignon-La Mitis-Matane-Matapédia. She is a student at the University of British Columbia, located in Vancouver.
Socrates Silverado comes in Salaberry-Suroît. He is president of an organization promoting peace through tourism in British Columbia.
Susan Moen comes in Terrebonne. Entrepreneur, she has been Director of greens on Vancouver Island from 2009 to 2013.
Tina Biello comes in Lévis-Lotbinière. She is the coordinator of the Green Party in British Columbia.
Yow Yumi Mei Ang comes in Montcalm. She has been in the financial services industry in Vancouver.

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