Grexit or not, the eurozone confronts Brussels

greesThe leaders of the euro zone were to decide Sunday in Brussels the fate of Greece and clashed between those who do not want an agreement at any cost and those who refuse the contrary, a Greek exit from the monetary union, symbol for them of a wider failure of the European project.

Leader of hard camp, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that “there will be (it) not agree to any price” to save Greece, arriving Sunday summit of Heads of State and Government of the euro area in Brussels.

“The most important value, namely trust and reliability, has been lost” with Athens, added the Chancellor that promised “tough negotiations”.

She is joined on the line by several countries, including Malta. The Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, said that “there is a limit to everything,” implying that he must leave the country out of the euro. “We are discussing all possible options,” he insisted, although he “hoped an agreement.”

Opposite, the work for France that Greece remains in the euro area. “At stake is whether Greece will be tomorrow in the euro area and the stake is Europe. (…) France will do everything to reach an agreement this evening, allowing Greece, if the conditions are met, to remain in the euro area and allowing Europe to move forward, “said President François Holland.

Very involved in the negotiations last chance, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has promised to “fight to the last millisecond for an agreement”, arriving at the summit in Brussels.

“This is not an agreement but a Europe of cohesion,” added the president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz. “It is everyone’s responsibility,” he insisted.

Other leaders are more divided along the lines of the Luxembourg Xavier Bettel. “Our goal is to keep Greece in the euro area, but there are conditions. We hope to have the results today (Sunday), “he said.

“What I see in these negotiations is a lack of confidence in the Greek government,” said his side the Slovenian Miro Cerar. “I hope we can rebuild that trust in one way or another,” he said, but “it is for the Greeks to prove that they are trustworthy.”

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