Guilty of fraud against a nonagenarian

escouade-regionale-mixte-motards-quebec(Trois-Rivieres) Satge Alain and Liliane Devries were eventually convicted of defrauding a nonagenarian in a situation of great vulnerability for a sum of around a million dollars.

Judge Guylaine Tremblay concluded that the French couple had indeed abused the unshakable confidence that their Albany Duhaime was to cheat.

The fraud was committed at Trois-Rivieres and Lac Saint-Jean from 2004 to 2010, although in fact the vast majority of the fortune of the victim has been squandered in the space of 18 months, after the death of his wife.

Alain and Liliane Satge Devries, aged respectively 79 and 71, were also very good friends of Mr. Duhaime and his wife. But after the death of this one in France, the poor man was alone and vulnerable, for it is such that managed all their assets.

Satgé-Devries The couple then decided to watch over Mr. Duhaime when they return to Quebec. As doomed them great confidence, he entrusted them with the management of the estate. He also gave powers of attorney and a general mandate to Ms. Devries.

By cons, over time, Mr. Duhaime has become increasingly vulnerable, especially with cognitive losses that have hampered its ability to make decisions. The couple then took the opportunity to strengthen its grip with Mr. Duhaime, especially since no family member was very close to him and he had no child. According to the judge, so he signed what he was asked to sign. A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s has subsequently been formally raised in 2010 when he was 94 years old.

The suspects were therefore bank transfer, endorsed checks and withdrew several thousand dollars in cash for their benefit. They used the money to open an outdoor center in Lamarche, pay for travel and buy a wooden chalet on the edge of the river in Bécancour. Mr. Duhaime has also given his home in Trois-Rivières and two vehicles.

In this case, the defense claimed that the couple had acted according to the instructions of Mr. Duhaime, while caring for his welfare and that by extension, there had been no dishonest act. The Satgé-Devries even had letters in their possession that Mr. Duhaime they ceded all its assets voluntarily to thank them for their kindness. However, it could never testify since died in December 2013 at the age of 97.

Moreover, the judge did not believe Tremblay Ms. Devries. She found her incredible testimony on several points and sprinkled with contradictions. Note that her husband did not testify in the trial. The court also considered the accounting evidence and testimonies of relatives, neighbors and stakeholders commenting on how Mr. Duhaime was increasingly isolated, sad and neglected since the death of his wife.

By the submissions on sentencing which will take place on January 25, a specific PSR report will be crafted on the couple’s ability to meet the conditions as part of a possible conditional sentence, since this is what the lawyer Defence Mr. Pierre Gagnon, intends to apply.

Upon leaving the court, members of the family of Mr. Duhaime said they were relieved at the verdict. “We are happy for seniors in later life. We hope that the police will use this ruling as a model. The important thing for us is that the two were convicted. The award not matter to us, “mentioned Jeanne D’Arc Sylvain Dupont and Dupont.

Me Maxime Chevalier, the Crown prosecutor, was also agreed. “This judgment is an important judicial recognition that the exploitation of the vulnerability of older people can be regarded as a fraud and a criminal act,” he said.

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