Guy Lafleur loses its lawsuit against the SPVM and the Attorney General

guy-lafleurThe Superior Court refused to Guy Lafleur the $ 2.16 million he claimed at the Montreal police and the Attorney General of Quebec, about his arrest and the charges that resulted in a few years ago.

On January 30, 2008, Guy Lafleur was the subject of an arrest warrant referred, was arrested, suffered the nut procedures before being accused several weeks later to have delivered conflicting testimony under the trial of his son Mark, who was struggling in a domestic violence case. Lafleur had stated before the Court that he had watched his son who then had to respect a curfew condition which was imposed on him to remain free during his trial. But later he had to admit he had led his son one evening at the hotel with a friend, allowing him to violate the curfew.

The Tribunal responsible for judging in turn, the number 10 had justified his gesture, but had still been found guilty before being acquitted by the Court of Appeal.

He sued the police and the Crown for damages suffered because of this saga.

At the trial held at the end of 2014, Guy Lafleur had hinted he believed to be the victim of a plot by the investigator and prosecutors to file criminal and penal prosecutions, all women. He said he was a “trip of women.”

In his 109-page ruling issued yesterday, Judge André Wery calls the remarks of “allegations to the punch,” “based on facts plain wrong.”

The judge even talk of harm to the defendants by the attack of hockey, he wants to be repaired incorrectly by the judgment.

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