Guy Turcotte Isabelle Gaston: “I never wanted to hurt you”

guy-turcotte(St. Jerome) Gaston Isabelle and Guy Turcotte have spoken for the first time this morning, met to determine after how many years of imprisonment the latter will be eligible for parole. Crown request at least 20 years, the defense submits “between 15 and 10 years, closer to the 10 than the 15”.

“I want you to look me in the eye,” demanded Mrs. Gaston, while his ex-partner burst into tears and trembled in the dock. “You did not kill my resilience, you did not kill my ability to amaze me and my ability to love.”

In a statement to fifteen minutes, written in advance, Ms. Gaston explained all the consequences that the crime of Mr. Turcotte had on his life. “The woman who existed in 2009 no longer exist and never will exist,” she has said.

Before concluding the hearing this morning, Judge André Vincent gave the floor to Guy Turcotte. “I want to tell you that this trial Isabelle then, it was not for you to feel responsible,” he has said. “I never wanted to hurt you. I have a hard time living with that, I know I hurt much about me. ”

He killed “his flesh, his blood”

Justice André Vincent will decide the number of years of imprisonment that the murderer will necessarily serve before being eligible for parole, between 10 and 25 years.

The Crown prosecutor René Verret pleaded that by killing “his flesh, his blood,” Mr. Turcotte had committed the worst crime imaginable.

The criminal lawyer Pierre Poupart has put forward that “Guy Turcotte is not the gentleman who caused the death of his children,” and that the company could earn to see become “a useful member” of the -ci.

The former cardiologist was convicted last December 6 by a jury of second-degree murder of his two children, after his second trial.

This verdict automatically entails a sentence of life imprisonment.

On February 20, 2009, Guy Turcotte stabbed to death Olivier, aged 5, and Anne-Sophie, aged 3 years. In a first trial, he was the subject of a verdict of not criminally responsible, but the Court of Appeal ordered a retrial because of faulty jury instructions.

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