Guy Turcotte left messages before and after the tragedy

guy-turcotteMarch 1, 2009, eight days after he killed his children, Guy Turcotte telephoned the Hotel Dieu of St. Jerome, apologizing for the ‘chiard “he was doing, retrieve invoices that can be reimbursed and thank the colleagues.

“Hello Nathalie, it’s Guy. Uh, first I want to apologize for everything I do chiard you there … In my office, the first slide there, to the left there, there was a receipt from Congress last year for reimbursement. Also prevent so and so he will receive this year’s e-mail, it will be sent to him, if you can pay me back, it will be appreciated, he said, “in a message that the jury judging could hear , Wednesday.

In the recording, Mr. Turcotte also wants to be reimbursed a check for $ 353 he lost, because he will “pay good lawyers.” He addresses special thanks to several colleagues, he called by their first name. His monologue is interrupted by the expiry of the period allocated for the message.

This message was left on the answering Nathalie Lemelin, Sunday, March 1, at 6:26 p.m., but she was informed that on Tuesday. One that rubbed daily Turcotte cardiologist at the time, testified at trial Wednesday. Mr. Turcotte did not have his normal tone of voice on the message. He already had a cheerful tone, “she has said. She described him as a polite man and organized, a doctor with whom it is pleasant to work.

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