Guy Turcotte: not so sick, suggests Crown

guy-turcotteGuy Turcotte had no brain as sick as the defense claimed, when he killed his children. He realized he made them evil, and he continued anyway. This is, among other things, what the Crown Attorney Rene Verret tried to bring out Friday, continuing with his pugnacity against-examination of the psychiatrist Dominique Bourget.

Dr. Bourget is the psychiatrist retained by the defense to evaluate the state of mind of Mr. Turcotte at the time, as part of a defense of not criminally responsible. It concluded that Mr. Turcotte had no capacity to appreciate the nature and consequences of his actions when he stabbed his children, in February 2009.

An adjustment disorder with anxiety and depressed mood, suicidal raptus, and ingestion of methanol, it would have removed his free will. She delivered two reports on this subject, in 2011, before the first trial and a second, complementary report called it a few days ago. Mr. Verret sees flaws in the one and the other.


First, he found that the psychiatrist relied on what Mr. Turcotte unsuspecting while neglecting important information from other sources. For example, in the last report, Dr. Bourget wrote in March 2009, while incarcerated at the Philippe Pinel Institute, Mr. Turcotte was unable to concentrate and could only read youth novels . However, in notes dated 17 March 2009 the psychiatrist Jacques Talbot, who treated Mr. Turcotte at the time, it was mentioned that it said read about pre-Columbian art, Eastern countries and history Chinese. It was a way for him to escape reality, the dark thoughts.

Another example which emphasizes Me Verret: If Guy Turcotte “was ignored its environment” because he thought only commit suicide on the evening of February 20, 2009, as submitted by the psychiatrist Bourget, why he thought to call, at 20:30, to cancel the appointment the next day with the real estate agent and guardian of children.

“Mr. Turcotte did not recall having spoken with the property agent, “said Dr. Bourget, and she does not know what time he started drinking windshield washer. “It’s not my role to speculate.” For her, these calls do not change much.

In addition, Guy Turcotte tells himself that he realized he was hurting Olivier, giving the first stab. He said he panicked and continued. The same thing happened in the room of Anne-Sophie. In addition, while he was there, he heard his son die in his blood. That’s what he told Luc Tanguay, he considered his life coach, March 7, 2009, at Pinel.

So it is that Mr. Turcotte realized what he was doing, submits Me Verret.

This is not the opinion of the psychiatrist who evaluates it was out of control, and that it was “no longer able to make a rational decision to stop. His brain was not working well, and he was not able to act otherwise than as he acted. “Mr. Verret has maintained its momentum, giving other examples, sorted in reports. Is Guy Turcotte has memories, or flashes? He also argues that many people separate, every day, without it to end in tragedy. The prosecutor suggested that Guy Turcotte worked relatively well after being released from the Philippe Pinel Institute in December 2012. It was not until November 2013, after a new trial was ordered and had to engage the authorities, he plunged into difficulties.

The trial continues Monday with the rest of the cons-examination of Dr. Bourget.

The trial could last two to three weeks before the jury began its deliberations. It is the assessment that the Judge André Vincent made this week and it has communicated to the jury. The jury wanted to know, to settle their agenda.

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