Guy Turcotte talks about his love rocky relationship with Isabelle Gaston

guy-turcotte(St. Jerome) Guy Turcotte was the scapegoat of his comrades in the small school. It was better in high school, but he never had great confidence in him. Isabelle Gaston, she was playful and confident. He fell in love at their first meeting, in 1999, but their numerous chicanes prompted him to end their relationship in 2001.

It is a monotone, constantly looking down at the floor, that Guy Turcotte began his testimony this morning at his trial for the murders of her children. Dressed in a wrinkled gray suit, the 43 year old man recounted his life, at the request of his lawyer, Mr. Pierre Poupart. He is the third in a family of six children. His father was a lineman at Hydro-Québec and distribution thereafter. His mother was a nursery nurse before having children herself. He grew up in Saint-Hubert, was a lifeguard in swimming, and began his studies in medicine in Quebec City in 1991. He knew Isabelle Gaston during a 5-7 in a Quebec Bar in 1999. She studied also in medicine. He was immediately seduced by this beautiful self-confident girl. They lived together, but the relationship was stormy. They often chicanaient. “His angry demonstrations it out loud, and she poured it a little on me,” he said.

In 2001, he went alone to a medical conference in Florida. He did not call Isabelle week because he thought their relationship. Isabelle was angry not to have heard anything and she informed him upon his arrival “She insulted me. I gave him a slap, and I have received so quickly. I told him: I do not want to know anything. ”

They separated, and Guy Turcotte has taken another apartment. In July of the same year, Isabelle came to bring her personal belongings. She arrived just as he was “sad phase down in heartbreak.” He invited her to have coffee, and the relationship resumed. “She told me she had realized that she loved me and was ready to engage.”

Isabelle Gaston informed at that time that she was pregnant before their break. She had not told her because she did not want him to stay with her just for that. “She told me she had had an abortion.”

This is the first time that the judgment of pregnancy is announced publicly. Mr. Turcotte himself had not spoken during the first trial. “Isabelle did not want to talk about it, but when I heard her testimony, I told myself that this was not how it happened. I will put the record straight, “he has argued.

Isabella was now more willing to engage. Guy Turcotte told their engagement with emotions while hiking on Mount Washington. He brought champagne and a ring. She said yes. “It was super romantic. We were alone. We took pictures at night at the restaurant, I gave him his ring, “he said emotionally.

In 2003 they came to settle in the area of ​​Saint-Jérôme, as Guy had found a cardiologist job. Isabelle had not quite finished his medical studies when she became pregnant with Oliver, who will be born in April 2003.

Mr. Turcotte continued his testimony.

This morning, Mr. Pierre Poupart announced that it would present a defense of not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder. Experts will testify.

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