Guy Turcotte trial: 46 wounds inflicted on two children

guy-turcotte-avait-tete-baisseeForty-six wounds, inflicted while they were alive: it is the total of counted external injuries on the bodies of Olivier and Anne-Sophie, as determined by the forensic pathologist who testified Monday at the trial of Guy Turcotte, accused of the premeditated murder of his two children.

In the opinion of this expert, André Bourgault, these injuries were caused by stabbing, “the most frequent example” of a pungent and sharp objects that could have caused such wounds.

Two knives have also been found on the crime scene.

The heart of the three-year-old girl was stabbed by one of those strokes.

Wound “deadly in itself,” says the expert, noting that it has received however many others.

The hands of Olivier, 5, also had injuries which he called “defense wounds”. This means, he said, that the child attempted to protect or to seize the weapon that attacked. “He tried to defend himself from four to seven times,” said the pathologist who performed more than 4,000 autopsies in his career.

Olivier had a total of 27 wounds and Anne-Sophie, 3 years, received 19 stab wounds. The two children had wounds in the abdomen and chest, but also in the back.

There was too much blood on the hands of children to take samples under their nails, said the pathologist who performed the autopsies on the two small bodies.

“He died as a result of the passage in the thorax, abdomen and the back of a pungent and sharp instrument several times,” concluded Mr. Bourgault in his report about the boy.

As for Anne-Sophie, he drew similar conclusions stating that it had also died due to the damage to his heart.

In the courtroom on Monday afternoon, the expert, calm and methodical, detailed the wounds, one by one.

During this difficult testimony to hear, Guy Turcotte had his head down, red at times, trembling and sobbing to others.

The expert can not certify the time of death of two toddlers. “But on the wounds, the only thing I can say is that they were caused when the heart beat,” he has said. The children would be dead a few seconds or minutes.

Suicide research

A police investigator was the next witness. Michel Dufour analyzed the contents of the laptop Guy Turcotte and retrieved the computer data. It has drawn up a list of pages visited by former cardiologist 43 years.

On February 20, 2009, the day of the tragedy, the accused consulted several pages on the Internet about ethanol and methods of suicide noted Mr. Dufour.

The description of one of them at 7:02 p.m. as described in the statement of research compiled by the computer itself is eloquent: “suicide – without pain – how to commit suicide – to commit suicide painlessly – quickly “.

Nothing appears on that statement about research that would have been made on methods to be used to seal the fate of children.

Before and after this research, Guy Turcotte would read emails between his ex-wife and mother of the children, Isabelle Gaston, and Martin Huot, the man she had begun an affair.

The expert also noted consulted a temporary webpage which would be a discussion forum on suicide.

The testimony of Mr. Dufour will continue Tuesday morning.

Shortened week again

The trial of Guy Turcotte had resumed Monday after a two-day suspension.

André Vincent J. of the Superior Court had to delay the progress of the case in the late afternoon on Wednesday vowed since had to undergo minor surgery Thursday, which resulted in a two-day convalescence.

The trial will also cut short this week as jurors are absent. The mother of one of them died during the weekend. The juror shall be present on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday for the funeral. Furthermore, the juror who had undergone surgery last week must return to the hospital for treatment Friday.

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