Hackers have stolen US $ 100 million in Bangladesh!

centrale-bangladesh-essaie-recupererBangladesh’s central bank tries to recover $ 100 million allegedly stolen by Chinese hackers in an account of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

There are only few details about the case, but Finance Minister AMA Muhith said his country would continue the US after the money was apparently transferred to accounts in the Philippines.

Mr. Muhith said the New York bank can not shirk its responsibilities.

The New York Fed said on Twitter being aware of any cyber attack against its systems.

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Bangladesh Bank claims to have been able to recover some funds, but it did not explain further. She says about where the missing funds and cooperation with the Philippine agency to fight money laundering are. A Philippine court had ordered the agency to freeze the accounts during the investigation.

Bangladeshi bank added in a statement that she made use of experts from the World Bank.

One of the major dailies of Bangladesh reported Wednesday that 30 transfer requests were made on February 5 using the codes of the central bank, five of which were successful.

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