Hacking: Bell will pay 141 million to Quebecor

bell-devra-payer-141-millionsThe Supreme Court closed this morning an argument from the early 2000s, by refusing to hear the appeal of Bell (T.BCE) against Quebecor (T.QBR.B).

Bell will have to pay 141 million for not having acted to combat piracy of its satellite TV, which would Quebecor private income of more than 40,000 additional customers.

“The unprecedented scale of damages awarded is a reflection of the seriousness of the injury, said in a press release Pierre Dion, President and Chief Executive Officer of Quebecor. It is hoped that the outcome of this legal saga has the result that such a situation does not happen again. ”

The Supreme Court, as is customary in such decisions, did not state its reasons.

Quebecor started in 2005 proceedings against Bell, accusing it of not having implemented an adequate safety system to prevent piracy of its own satellite television signals between 1999 and 2005.

Last March, the Quebec Court of Appeal ruled in favor of Quebecor and concluded that Bell was indemnify Videotron and TVA, Quebecor properties for losses incurred between 2004 and 2010. The case had previously been heard in the Superior Court, who had also ruled in favor of at Quebecor, which then demanded 304 million. The Superior Court had, however, brought the estimated damage at $ 601,000.

The Court of Appeal had confirmed the responsibility of Bell but rather assessed the damage to 84 million -or 141 million with interest-, explaining that “many pure pirates, once hackers become impossible, have converted into customers legitimate [Bell ExpressVu] or Videotron. “The court found that Bell” knew and should have foreseen that by failing to take timely measures to effectively combat piracy of its signal-then even she was able to do- it logically and directly cause, damage to its competitors, including his main rival in Quebec, Videotron. ”

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