Halo 5 Guardians: saved by the Multiplayer

techniquement-halo-5-plus-beauIt took three years waiting for the players to take back their Spartan armor and start the adventure with Master Chief sides. Halo 5 is now available. We have played and will give you our appreciation.


Difficult to nothing “divulgâcher” by presenting the scenario of Halo 5. We shall then we stick to the basics. Master Chief and his team disobey orders to go in search of Cortana. Meanwhile, senior Spartan rushing team, led by Spartan Locke, to find Master Chief. So Guardians wants a cat and mouse game featuring the adventures of the two teams. The brand enjoys a staging near Hollywood movie in which the action and the twists are linked to the delight of the player. The neophytes of the Halo universe might be a bit lost, but will capture the background. It regrets its short duration and the passages in the company of Master Chief, who are too rare.


343 Industries managed to revitalize and modernize the playability of its first-person shooter without forsaking his old school side. We walk through the brawls, emptying his magazine and picking up the first weapon found on the ground. No experience system that supported the action. Exit the jet pack from the last pane. It leaves room for the possibility of loading the ground and in the air to smash secret walls to gain access to heavy weapons, or create a devastating ground shaking. The game puts forward teamwork. When playing solo, the artificial intelligence of our three companions makes them virtually useless, the latter being practical that when orders them to attack targets or back on our feet.


Although supported, the seven hours of the single player campaign are not likely to get you to play again. However, to make a turn in cooperative (online only) accompanied friends will totally change the experience. Especially if one increases the difficulty. Competitive multiplayer side 343 Industries offers a range of more than interesting game modes, there’s something for everyone. These range from four against four parts, according to eight variants, the “Elimination” mode in smaller arenas and one life per player. For its part, the combat zone allows 24 players to compete. The games are staged and offer different variants, including PvE (player against the environment) and PvP (player against player). The parties are in longer and diversified.


Technically, we have here the best Halo series. He accused facing a visual delay some competing products, but is concerned to support 60fps. The variety of landscapes and weapons is at the rendezvous. The game offers a vertical levels in the architecture that brings a wind of change in the approach to fighting. It goes without saying that if the proposal or cooperative multiplayer of Halo 5 does not interest us, it would be wise to think twice about it before embarking on the adventure. The campaign is intriguing and captivating by its staging but remains short to return alone. The multiplayer, meanwhile, is excellent and promises long hours of gameplay and game modes that advertise thrilling competitions.

Designer: 343 Industries

Publisher: Microsoft

Platform: Xbox ONE

Rating: T (13+)

In French

3.5 out of 5 stars

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