Handled Tests: Volkswagen have been warned years ago

volkswagenThe trouble is accumulating Volkswagen, according to German press have been warned for years of the risks involved with fixing emission tests, causing the scandal that shook the world’s leading automotive.

According to the German press, the supplier Bosch in 2007, and an in-employed in 2011, the manufacturer had warned of the illegality of devices on diesel models.

In addition, the German authorities have increased a little more pressure on the group by setting an ultimatum to 7 October to make its diesel models comply with the standards applicable emission at national level, under penalty of revocation of licenses for its vehicles, according to a weekly.

These latest developments for the German manufacturer conclude a black week which saw destabilized by the revelation of the scandal of manipulation of its diesel engines in order to pass more easily the emission test.

The case, initiated in the United States, some 11 million relates Group diesel vehicles.

It has already led to the group’s head of resignation Wednesday, Martin Winterkorn, the loss of a third of the value of the company on the stock market and threatens to undermine the entire reputation of German industry.

The new CEO of VW, Matthias Müller, Porsche has just promised to shed light on the shortcomings that still may cost billions of euros in fines to the company as a result of various complaints or criminal investigations in the US and Germany.

“Our company is faced with challenges like she never met,” said he said in a letter addressed internally to its 600,000 employees worldwide, promising a “merciless” investigation, the newspaper Handelsblatt .

The task is daunting because the group seems to have ignored at least two caveats.

The German supplier Bosch has provided from 2007 to Volkswagen, for purposes of internal testing, the software at the heart of the fixing scandal engines, specifying when its installation on vehicles would be “illegal,” says the German newspaper Sunday Bild.

It is this year that Volkswagen has started to install the software on diesel engines to fake the test results.

A spokesman for Bosch, questioned by AFP, declined to comment citing “confidentiality” on its relations with its customers.

Moreover, according to the Sunday edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine serious Zeitung (FAZ), an employee of VW were also fired in the internal alarm in 2011. He warned that the software was likely to “break” the law .

What did Winterkorn?

The internal investigation failed to date to determine why Volkswagen management has not responded at the time, according to the newspaper, which asks, “What did Winterkorn?”.

The answer to this question will among others affect the departure check which Mr. Winterkorn will benefit in the end. This theory can claim to some 60 million in retirement benefits, provided however that if its direct responsibility in the scandal is not established.

The Wolfsburg group must quickly clarify the outstanding issues.

The German federal motor transport authority (KBA) asked VW to make “binding measures and timetable” by October 7 to bring its diesel engines to standards for emissions, according to the Sunday edition of Bild newspaper.

If Volkswagen does not meet this deadline, the KBA warns in a two-page letter that it could withdraw its approval to all relevant models, which would have the effect of prohibiting their circulation on German roads, the newspaper said.

A Volkswagen spokesman told AFP that the manufacturer would soon present a plan of action in Germany, including a “reminder” of the products concerned. This will include an upgrading of the controversial software.

This reminder will be “free” for customers and the software will be updated “to comply with the law,” said Peter Thul AFP.

According to the Welt am Sonntag newspaper, citing an internal document, Berlin would also postpone to 2021 the introduction of stricter European emission tests, normally scheduled in 2017.

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