Harper avoids the issue of the recession

invite-preciser-sa-pensee-pointWhile Conservative Leader Stephen Harper refused to say Friday if he actually acknowledged that Canada was in recession, his Liberal opponent Justin Trudeau warned that it does not intend to balance the budget precipitously.

In the debate following day, the leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), Thomas Mulcair, welcomed for its part to be able to wrest a confession to the outgoing Prime Minister, it has not denied that the country was in recession .

“Mr. Harper finally admitted: we are in a second recession, “summarized Mr. Mulcair morning during a press conference in Toronto, saying the passage satisfied with his performance Thursday night.

For his part, the leader of the Conservative Party does not seem to want to revisit the issue. Asked to clarify his views on press briefing, he dodged the questions of journalists, preferring to argue that “80 percent of the Canadian economy is healthy and growing.”

He then decided to go on the offensive, accusing his opponents book Canadians a plan that involves increasing taxes and spending, which would plunge the country into “permanent deficits” – a veritable mantra since the beginning of the election campaign.

The theme of the economy has continued to dominate in this sixth campaign day, to the great satisfaction of Justin Trudeau, who has again attacked the economic legacy of Stephen Harper.

He did not want to advance on the time that could put a Liberal government to redress public finances. “We are committed to balancing the budget. But the time it will take to get there will depend on the size of the mess Mr. Harper has left us, “he quipped.

The three leaders spent their day in the greater Toronto area, rich in electoral seats.

With thousands of kilometers from there, the Bloc Quebecois leader was indignant to have been excluded from the day before the English debate, organized by Maclean’s, where it was discussed … referendum.

“I thought it was surreal”, dropped Gilles Duceppe interview with The Canadian Press.

It pains to reconcile the fact that the federalist parties hammered the sovereignty issue no interest to anyone but their leaders will have devoted a significant portion of a debate in which he had not been invited.

“These people, I call the Canadian Bloc, do not keep saying that Quebeckers are no longer interested in that, they exclude me from the debate and they take half an hour to talk about how Quebecers will decide and what rules they will impose on us, “continued Mr. Duceppe.

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