Harper has indeed signaled his intention to resign

stephen-harper(OTTAWA) The Governor General of Canada David Johnston confirmed that Stephen Harper has indeed signaled his intention to resign, while some still confusion in Ottawa on this issue over 10 days after the elections on 19 October.

“Following the practice, the Prime Minister has indicated his intention to resign to the Governor General when he visited her at Rideau Hall following the elections,” said La Presse by email to a spokesman for the governor general.

“He officially resign this feature 4 November 2015 just before the swearing-in ceremony of the new Cabinet,” said the spokesperson Marie Létourneau AVE.

In an article published in the Ottawa Citizen Tuesday, the Law of the University of Ottawa professor Adam Dodek criticized the lack of transparency in the current process. “When Stephen Harper he will resign as prime minister? Did he wrote. A week has passed since Justin Trudeau won the election and people still ask this question. ”

Prof. Dodek argued that no statement has been made in this direction by the office of GG or the one of Prime Minister Harper, and that more information would allow Canadians to better understand their political system and constitutional.

Kady O’Malley journalist went further in the same newspaper on Wednesday he wrote: “Does Harper resigned? Nobody says it. ” She said at the last governmental transition in 2006, better communication had been established with the public by the outgoing Prime Minister Paul Martin and the Governor General at the time, Michaëlle Jean.

One prime minister can be sworn simultaneously in Canada and the swearing Justin Trudeau to take place next Wednesday at the same time as that of his cabinet.

Stephen Harper has been silent since his speech in Calgary after his electoral defeat Monday night. This speech had also also created confusion: at no time did Mr. Harper said he was resigning from his post. In a statement released simultaneously with the speech, the president of the Conservative Party of Canada, John Walsh, announced that a process of appointing a new leader would be implemented. Mr. Walsh did not mention the word “resignation”.

In Ottawa after the election night, evil tongues say smirk that Harper had perhaps “resign made by his war room,” the nerve center where strategists coordinate the party’s campaign. The joke was intended as a reference to a deemed poor campaign by conservative forces, and Harper’s tendency to want to control everything in the decade he was in power.

Anyway, the outgoing prime minister does seem about to give way: the Canadian Press reported yesterday that he had begun to move out of his official residence 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa and that he expected to return to their lands of Calgary, while continuing to sit as a backbencher in the House of Commons.

As for Justin Trudeau and his family, they will move indefinitely in a residence called “Cottage Curtain” or “Bungalow Curtain”, located in the gardens of Rideau Hall, the Governor General’s residence. 24 Sussex needs major renovations and an evaluation of the work will determine when the elected prime minister can take possession of the house in which he grew up, during the reign of his father.

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