Harper haunted by Duffy

stephen-harper-debarque-vancouver-mardiOn the eve of the highly anticipated testimony of the former head of the Prime Minister Nigel Wright, Stephen Harper Tuesday drew ridicule from his rivals who accused him to duck in flight to the North Pole.

With the recovery in full campaign of the trial of former Senator Mike Duffy Wednesday the Conservative leader questions on this embarrassing issue likely to multiply. As the plane Harper campaign is about to ask the Northwest Territories and Nunavut at the end of the week, Thomas Mulcair claims that Mr. Harper is trying to “go into hiding at the North Pole” .

“He tried to dodge my questions in the House of Commons with respect to Mr. Duffy, but it did not. He can get away in the Arctic, but the questions will continue to hound the “launched the NDP leader. According to him, Harper says one thing and its opposite in the Duffy case, and he believes that reality will soon catch up.

The leader of the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, typed on the same nail by saying that Canadians would find the trial resumed with the Conservatives act in the interests of their party rather than that of the population. He also enjoyed a visit to his campaign office Papineau in Montreal to remind its intention to reform the Senate and announce “transparency measures”.

“After being elected by promising more accountability and transparency, Harper led the most partisan and most secretive government in the history of our country,” lamented Mr. Trudeau.

The Conservative leader, he did not seem shaken to approach the resumption of this profile trial. Campaigning in Markham, Ontario, he repeated that he initially thought it was Duffy who had repaid its $ 90,000 of inappropriate spending – not Wright. “When I learned that this was not the case, I took the necessary actions and people are being held accountable for their actions,” he said.

Harper, however, dodged specific questions about the subject, particularly if Mr. Wright had resigned or had been fired instead.

Fight against drugs

After much discussed security in recent days, Harper addressed another of his favorite subjects Tuesday by announcing various measures against drugs. He promised to increase funding for RCMP activities of Canada against illegal drug production laboratories and set up a helpline to relatives of addicts. It also intends to require the Commission to mental health in Canada that focuses more on the links between substance abuse and mental health.

The Conservative leader wanted to draw a clear line between himself and his opponents, who advocate a more flexible approach to marijuana Trudeau up to make an apology of legalization. Mr. Harper believes that the majority of people in countries reject the idea. “We believe this is the wrong direction for the company. I do not think this is how most Canadians want to tackle the problem. ”

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