Harper obliged to justify his phrase “old-stock Canadians”

stephen-harper-utlise-expression-canadiensThe day after the second debate of the campaign, Stephen Harper had to justify having spoken of “old stock Canadians”, pitting other Canadians. And his two rivals who had missed the expression without comment Thursday night were roundly criticized the Friday.

During the debate on the economy, held Thursday in Calgary, the Conservative leader defended his decision to have limited access to health care for asylum seekers. This decision has also been ruled illegal by the courts.

Harper then said that those who make refugee claims should not receive better health care than the “ordinary Canadians.” He added that its position is supported by most of the “new” Canadians, Canadians’ current ‘and’ old stock Canadians. ”

Friday morning during the daily press briefing, he was asked to better define these categories of Canadians.

If it has not taken the term “old stock Canadians”, he nevertheless resumed its nomenclature.

“It is a position that largely has the support of the Canadian population,” he said about the withdrawal of health care for asylum seekers. “It is supported by Canadians who are themselves immigrants and also by the rest of us, by Canadians who are descendants of immigrants for a generation or more,” said Mr. Harper.

“Prime Minister Harper spoke of” old-stock Canadians “. These are words divisive. I think we are all Canadians. And I do not like to divide Canadians by category, like that, “offered the NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, without waiting for the issue to be raised in a press conference in Regina.

“Mr. Harper is trying to emphasize, once again, he does not believe that a Canadian is a Canadian (…), there are different categories of Canadians “, launched the Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, of in Montreal. “It is not only insulting, it’s harmful for the country we are building,” he has said of the phrase released yesterday by Mr. Harper.

The Conservative leader was still in Calgary to recognize the efforts of his government for criminal injuries Friday morning.

It has committed to doubling funding for support centers for children and support centers for children and adolescents, who coordinate the investigation, prosecution and treatment in cases of crimes against children.

The leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) was in Regina to promise an insurance program for the purchase of prescription drugs, however, is keeping the officially call a national pharmacare program.

Mr. Mulcair promises to work with the provinces to facilitate the purchase at a lower cost of prescription drugs. It calculates that the economy for the provinces would be about $ 3 billion annually.

The Liberal leader was visiting Montreal for a short rally at the airport named after his father. This is where he brandished aloft the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to blame Harper as his word and a gesture.

The Conservatives have called for the suspension of judgment in favor of the woman who wants to wear her niqab paying citizenship oath. The Harper government asked the Supreme Court to look into the case. According to Mr. Trudeau, the Conservatives go far to prevent a single woman to vote against Stephen Harper.

For its part, the Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe has instead sided with Harper’s side in this matter, stressing the unanimity of the National Assembly against the niqab.

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