Harper’s show of strength in Quebec

lors-rassemblement-queebc-stephen-harper(Quebec) At the time the New Democratic Party fall in the polls, Stephen Harper made a show of strength in Quebec City on Wednesday night. A gathering of 600 people in which he presented his party as the only one able to ban the niqab in citizenship ceremonies.

The outgoing Prime Minister delivered a speech almost entirely in French, flanked by 47 Quebec candidates. He did not fail to remind his opposition to the wearing of the niqab in the delivery of the citizenship oath.

“In the daylight and in the equal, our position on this, which is that the vast majority of Quebecers, it’s just common sense,” insisted the Conservative leader.

Mr. Harper promised to reintroduce legislation to ban the veil in citizenship ceremonies. His government introduced a bill to that effect on the final day of parliamentary work in June, but the initiative died with the election call.

“Only a Conservative government is able to adopt such legislation,” he said.

It was the eighth passage Stephen Harper in Quebec since the election. It was also his third stop in the Old Capital, a region where the fight is mainly played between the NDP and the CCP.

Approximately 650 people attended the rally, according to a statement provided by the Conservative Party.

Harper acknowledged that many voters are attracted to the “temptation of change.” But he presented his party as the only one who can lead the country in times of instability.

Completely ignoring the Bloc Québécois, he stepped up attacks against its opponents NDP and Liberals.

“Do not get any illusions, these two parties are not freshly fallen from the sky, he quipped. They have a history and it is far from reassuring. ”

He criticized the Liberal Party for having registered the “uncontrollable deficits” and more recently, have been the source of a “worst examples of misappropriation of public funds in modern history,” an allusion to sponsorship scandal.

“The NDP, he sowed desolation and despondency in almost every province where he formed a government, said Mr. Harper. In British Columbia, the western provinces, Ontario, the NDP has left behind the empty promises, ravaged economies of broken promises. ”


Conservative leader’s visit occurred two days after the publication of a survey Abascus that the NDP has slipped to third place in the polls in the country. Even if the party of Thomas Mulcair in Quebec remained in the lead, his support had melted from 47% to 30% in the province since September 11.

NDP started plummeting after Thomas Mulcair refusal to denounce a decision of the Federal Court of Appeal in the cause of Zunera Ishaq. This woman had successfully challenged a Ministerial directive prohibiting the wearing of the niqab during the oath. The Federal Court of Appeal refused to hear the appeal of the Conservative government.

The Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, adopted the same position as Mr. Mulcair.

The emergence of the debate on the niqab is considered a major turning point in the 78-day campaign.

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