Harper wants to filter the syrian refugees to ensure the security

enfants-palestiniens-deposent-fleurs-presStephen Harper said that before hosting syrian refugees, it is necessary to ensure that they do not represent a risk to canadian security.

It is as well as the leader of the conservatives responded to the urging of certain of the provinces and its rivals in an electoral campaign, one of them calling for a meeting to discuss the crisis in the gap of the election campaign and without partisanship.

While Quebec calls for the intervention of Ottawa to accommodate the faster 3650 refugees on its territory, Mr. Harper says that he does not need to do anything more than what he is already doing.

And he brandished the threat to security.

“Let me assure Canadians that when we bring people to a war zone, an area controlled by terrorists, we will ensure that the safety and security of Canadians is protected,” he offered hearty applause of its activists gathered in Scarborough, Ontario.

He added that the “most vulnerable” should be greeted first, insisting that this would not be a “first-come, first-served basis.

The conservative government has already announced that it wanted to accommodate up to 10 000 refugees from religious and ethnic minorities.

A meeting of the non-partisan?

The invitation in a letter to liberal leader Justin Trudeau to stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Elizabeth May, has been met with lukewarm.

Mr. Trudeau would be that the four leaders of the national parties to discuss the crisis of the syrian refugees to find a quick solution.

“It is that one can’t wait until the 19th of October for a new government begins to take action,” insisted Mr. Trudeau, Mississauga, on Monday morning. He recalled that he would like a working meeting, without partisanship no.

If Thomas Mulcair gives him reason on the emergency and says that he is even willing to participate in a possible meeting, the leader of the NDP points out that nothing can be done without the outgoing prime minister.

“There’s just him who can act. Me, I want to meet the other leaders […] but unfortunately, the signals that it receives from Mr. Harper, are not very reassuring. […] Meet with the other leaders, I have nothing against. But this is not it can be changed (things); it is the prime minister who must act,” said Mr. Mulcair.

The chief neo-democratic party, which was campaigning in Toronto, has assured that he would continue to put pressure on Stephen Harper in this folder.

Monday, like last week, Mr. Harper has made it very clear that he wanted nothing to change its policy of welcoming syrian refugees to Canada.

Gilles Duceppe offers to draw in Kosovo

A little away from it all, the leader of the Bloc québécois, Gilles Duceppe, was holding its general council in Montreal, Monday.

But even without the invitation to this meeting, Mr. Duceppe was given advice, and thought that they could learn from the experience of Kosovo, while Canada had welcomed 6,000 refugees in six months. Aircraft canadian military had even served in the displacement of these refugees.

“The plans in the very long term, it is all well and good, but (…) it is assumed that the parliament is assembled, it requires new structures. Meanwhile, we can’t wait three, four, five months. It is necessary to act immediately. And I think that the example of Kosovo is a good example,” he insisted.

Two candidates conservatives expelled

During this time, Mr. Harper started his sixth week of the election campaign with the forced resignation of two of its candidates in Ontario.

Tim Dutaud, a candidate in Toronto-Danforth, has been forced to resign for having put videos online to the humor impaired. In one of his works, it imitates a person with a disability. However, the conservative opposition leader, on Monday, promised to improve the grant to the disability savings plan.

Jerry Bance, conservative candidate in the region of Scarborough, Ontario, had made about him in 2012 when an issue of consumer protection at the CBC was surprised, thanks to hidden cameras, peeing in a cup while it’s repairing a household appliance at a customer. Monday morning, Mr. Bance was no longer a candidate.

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