He sows panic wearing a iPhone Case-shaped gun

sergent-bert-paquet-deplore-certainesA Manitoba man handed the case to its iPhone to the police after having caused a panic on a crowded public beach.

The black carrying case was shaped like a handgun. The man wore in the waistband of his shorts on Sunday while he was in Grand Beach, north of Winnipeg.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police intervened, armed with real guns and tasers.

They traced the man sitting with his family members. They quickly found that it was armed only with a smartphone.

Sergeant Bert Paquet said the person aged 34 had been questioned and had agreed to hand over the disputed case. He will not have to face charges.

The officer lamented that some people do not realize it can be dangerous to wear a fake weapon in a public place. It recommends that anyone with a similar case to dispose of safely.

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