Health Canada will monitor “actively” promoting marijuana

meme-marijuana-ete-legalisee-finsThe Health Minister Rona Ambrose ordered the repression of groups that illegally promote marijuana.

Health Canada issued a statement Saturday saying he will actively monitor all forms of advertising and promotion of marijuana, rather than acting mainly as a result of public complaints.

Under the law, only “regulated parties” whose authorized producers of marijuana for medical purposes, may publicize basic information “which are not promotional” on their product.

The press release states that Health Canada “will issue letters of compliance if it finds violations.” Repeat offenders are liable to prosecution.

Rona Ambrose said she had ordered a more proactive approach to this monitoring because of the increased number of illegal marijuana dispensaries, online or as counters.

Even if marijuana was legalized for medical purposes if prescribed by a medical professional, Minister Ambrose has already stated that its safety and effectiveness as a drug has not been proven.

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