Hela, the Super Story!

super-story-thor-3-ragnarok-marvel-hela-mechanteWho is Hela, the wicked of Thor 3: Ragnarok, the goddess of the dead and the enemy of Odin and her son? This is what our Super Story of the week answers!
When he does not have to put a brake on his brother Loki’s ambitions or face ice giants and evil elves, Thor can always on Hela to complicate his life! Goddess of the Dead, this wicked one that will be discovered in Thor 3: Ragnarok does not cease constantly to extend his kingdom, to the expense of the territories held by Odin. Yet it was he who offered him this place at the head of two of the Nine Worlds, Hel and Nilfheim! As it is supposed to provoke the Ragnarok in the next adventures of the god of thunder, the editor of melty said that, after having told you the Super Story of Valkyrie, an ally of Thor also related to the souls of the dead, Was time to look into his case. When they create the character in March 1964 by making it appear in the pages of the series “Journey into Mystery”, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are again inspired by Nordic mythology, and more precisely Hel’s character. Born in Jotunheim, Hela is described as the daughter of Loki and the giant Angrboda, who becomes thanks to Odin the goddess of the dead and obtains the power to rule over Hel and Nilfheim. And it must be believed that the wicked looks very much like her father on many points!

The tragedy of Hela is that she can only direct those who do not die like heroes, the latter being destined to finish at Valhalla under the direction of Odin himself. So it is not surprising that the goddess of the dead had tried, during his long career, to extend his power over the different kingdoms monitored by the King of Asgard. It is seen thus attacking Thor and his father in the pages of “Thor” throughout the years 1960 and 1970, trying either to kill one or to take control of the other. Moreover, in 1978, she made an alliance with Loki himself in order to – indeed – provoke the Ragnarok by killing the god Balder and releasing a horde of monsters on Asgard. Fortunately, the trio Palatine, who will surely be back in Thor 3: Ragnarok, is there to help our superhero to prevent the two villains from reaching their goal. A few years later, she joined forces with another enemy of Thor, namely Malekith, before attacking the Valkyries, faithful servants of Odin, while the latter was plunged in one of his restorative sleep Years.
When she is not busy sowing chaos wherever she goes to Asgard, Hela makes a few appearances in other Marvel series. In 1978, in parallel with the events related to the Ragnarok narrated in “Thor”, it is incrusted in the pages of “Defenders” while the battle against Ollerus, an opponent of the group of superheroes, rages. Then, in 1985, she met the X-Men and, above all, Wolverine ( “X-Men Annual”, Chris Claremont, Arthur Adams). And she is so interested in the soul of the latter that she tries to rob him so that she rejoins her kingdom! This is not the only time she has to do the mutants since in 1989, she finds herself again confronting the New Mutants in “The New Mutants”, Louise Simonson and Rick Leonardi.

When the second Raganarok takes place, in the series “Thor” in the early 2000s, Hela is – unfortunately for her – projected on Earth with the rest of the Asgardians. Remaining in Las Vegas where she feeds on human souls, she agrees to help Loki return to Asgard his past glory. This is how we find her in the crossover “Siege” by Brian Michael Bendis (2009-2010), where she is seen plotting with the god of deceit. In particular, it promises to erase the name of Loki from Hel’s books, which condemn living beings to end in hell if he agrees to give him a new kingdom in which to store the souls of the dead. A market that arranges them both well, especially as Hela lost the kingdom of Hel after the Ragnarok. She then returns in 2010 in “Avengers Prime” (Brian Michael Bendis, Alan Davis), who explores the consequences of “Siege”. Cap ‘, Tony Stark and Thor, who do not trust each other since the fall of Asgard in the crossover, are obliged to make again team to face a goddess of the dead more powerful than ever
The same year, our evil, obviously very busy, confronts Pluto in “Chaos War” (Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente), a comic that draws directly into Greek mythology to bring together in a single adventure our superheroes , Greek gods and a super-villain replying to the name of Chaos King. And as you suspect, the latter threatens a little everyone, heroes and villains alike! Hela teamed up with Pluto, another god of the dead, to protect his kingdom. But the two characters finally fail and become the slaves of the King of Chaos. Finally, Hela makes a brief appearance in another crossover, namely “Fear Itself” (2011) by Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker, in which our heroes confront Cul, says the Serpent, a god banned from Asgard.

But how does Hela represent a formidable opponent for Thor? First of all, like all Asgardians, it possesses an extraordinary physical strength and resistance and is almost invulnerable to any form of magic. But it is indeed his mystical powers that must be feared above all things! It can in particular project murderous rays on its enemies which, at the choice, kill them or make them considerably aging. But Hela can also create illusions and, above all, increase her own physical strength to such an extent that she is able to spread an Asgardian with one fist. As a goddess of death, she has the right to claim the souls of all Asgardians and those who serve them – a right she never fails to exercise – and bring them into the kingdoms of Hel and Niflheim. She is however magnanimous enough and prefers to wait until a person dies before coming to recover her soul. And if these powers were not enough, Hela also possesses a cape with very practical properties. It increases not only its power but also keeps health and youth. Without her cape, however, the villain is greatly weakened, making her her biggest asset … but also her biggest weakness. Finally – last but not least – the goddess of the dead is also very gifted in the handling of swords. In any case, we will have the opportunity to see more fully the scope of the powers of Hela in Thor 3: Ragnarok, one of the videos of the shooting of the film proving us that we do not joke with it! What do you expect from the character of Hela?

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