Hema-Quebec is thirsty plasma

blood(Quebec) Precious blood component that goes into the manufacture of drugs, plasma demand explodes. This is why Héma-Québec conducts an offensive to open several Plasmavie salons across Quebec in the coming months.

The Laurier Québec Globule center is equipped for 12 years to receive plasma donations. But until recently, he was the only one. In 2013, the organization opened its first salon in Plasmavie Trois-Rivières. “The results were so good that we decided to increase the objectives,” says Laurent Paul Ménard, spokesperson for Héma-Québec.

There are some months, the Globule center of Brossard began accepting plasma donations. On July 17, it opened a new Globule center and Plasmavie in Saguenay. By next year, it will be possible to make plasma donations in Sherbrooke, Gatineau, Montreal and Laval. “Our challenge is to achieve the loyalty of banks donors in all regions,” Mr. Ménard raises.

Why such momentum? Because the plasma in addition to being injected into the body of the burn and graft, used increasingly in the manufacture of medicaments based on immunoglobulin.

The Press reported in January that 85% of the plasma necessary for the production of immunoglobulin-based drugs in Quebec comes from American donors. Quebec buys over 50 plasma $ million per year in the United States.

The creation of several centers Plasmavie aims to reduce this dependence. In these specialized shows, we can make an appointment to donate apheresis, which means that the blood will be immediately separated into three components (red cells, platelets and plasma) and the machine will keep only what she need. A much less expensive method in the long term to separate a full blood donation in the laboratory.

Donors may also be more diligent and make up 50dons per year, compared to six for regular blood donation.

Rejuvenate donors

The other challenge Héma-Québec in the coming years will be to rejuvenate his bank faithful donors. Like the rest of the Quebec population, the regulars sometimes get older and have health conditions that prevent them from giving. “In recent years, it has made several collections on the campuses of colleges and universities. It gives us great results. But we can not rely on this clientele then the summer, “says Ménard.

During the summer, Héma-Québec therefore redouble its efforts to promote and installs its collections in shopping centers or campgrounds.

For now, the body’s blood supply is sufficient, but it must rely on donations every day, “because we are always in a perspective of just in time delivery,” Mr. Ménard.


1.7 donation per donor per year
Héma-Québec needs 1,000 blood donations per day
20% of donations of blood in Quebec are spontaneous
46 years: average age of donors

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