Hema-Quebec tries to recruit new donors

apports-consommateurs-vacanciers-primordiaux-carHema-Quebec takes drastic measures to avoid any shortage of blood products during the summer.

His spokesman, Laurent Paul Ménard, the organization argued that “adapts its strategies” for not having to deal with such an eventuality.

He explained that, during the school year, 25% of donations are made in colleges and campuses.

As these places are usually poorly attended during the hot season, it becomes necessary for Héma-Québec to temporarily relocate some of its kiosks.

According to Mr. Ménard, many collections are then organized in various shopping centers.

I must say that when the mercury climbs, many customers massaging them to enjoy the cool weather and it really is not unusual for one of them decides to interrupt his shop on a whim for perform the BA of the day.

“After five it is a spontaneous act that is to say that the person will spend nearly a collection site and say,” I have time. I should make this gesture there “” said Laurent Paul Ménard.

The “hunt for donors” also takes place at locations a tad unusual as campgrounds.

“People are resting. They do not hesitate to take an hour and go to an action that saves lives, “said Mr. Ménard.

The contributions of these consumers and these vacationers are paramount because, throughout the year, Héma-Québec team must get a thousand donations on a daily basis.

It is necessary that the threshold be consistently achieved from one day to the other for a very simple reason.

“There’s some blood components that have a life of five days between collection and transfusion. Therefore has only very little time to transform the blood, make him undergo tests and deliver in hospitals, “said Laurent Paul Ménard.

To encourage maximum gooders to meet one of their innings soon, Mr. Ménard has tried to tackle belief in a recent interview with The Canadian Press.

“We tend to think that blood components are especially necessary in cases of extreme emergency surgeries as a result of road accidents. In fact, the needs are often dictated by medical conditions. For example, platelets are used by patients who receive chemotherapy treatments to recover a health condition that is more satisfying, “he concluded.

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