Heritage Classic: NHL eyeing the Parc Jean-Drapeau

futur-amphitheatre-naturel-ile-sainteThe National Hockey League is open to the idea of an outdoor presented game at Parc Jean-Drapeau, according to information obtained .

A well-placed source circuit confirmed to La Presse that the League could “possibly” choose to present an outdoor game at Parc Jean-Drapeau, where a new natural amphitheater of 65 000 places must be built shortly.

NHL seeking for years to present a Classical legacy, the Canadian equivalent of the Winter Classic in Montreal. Management Canadiens owner Geoff Molson in mind, also has repeatedly expressed his desire to present such a game. But the absence of a proper stage, meets the criteria required by the leaders of NHL, never allowed the project to go further.

The recent announcement regarding the natural amphitheater project at the Parc Jean-Drapeau is however change the situation in this case.

The project, at a cost of $ 70.4 million, does not provide for the installation of permanent bleachers on the scene, but according to François Cartier, marketing communications manager and programming of the Company Jean-Drapeau park, it would be possible to ‘install temporary bleachers to hold an outdoor hockey game. “It would be possible to do so for a game,” he replied.

Construction time

The presentation of a meeting under the Montreal Canadiens sky is not however for now. At best, the Canadiens and the NHL could try to do this for the 2018-2019 season, when the project of the amphitheater Jean-Drapeau park should be completed.

Meanwhile, Montreal has not on any other stadium that meets the criteria of the NHL in the presentation of outdoor games. Recall that the league requires, among other, a stadium of at least 40,000 seats in order to cover costs related to the presentation of such a meeting, which excludes the respective homes Alouettes and the Impact. The Olympic Stadium was not a possibility for such an event.

The Heritage Classic was presented three times in Canada since its inauguration in November 2003 in Edmonton. Calgary and Vancouver have also introduced the game in question, and the Canadian has taken part twice.


The possibility of such a game in Montreal already packed some members of the Canadian, who will live a similar experience in Boston on January 1 as part of the traditional Winter Classic, which will be played against the Bruins in Foxboro, the stadium Patriots of New England.

“It would be excellent if it could happen in Montreal, launched the Canadian striker Dale Weise. I have not yet had the chance to take part in such a game, that of 1 January in Boston will be my first. But for me, the important thing is the excitement that surrounds this kind of game: the number of people we could attract them, the economic impact, all this is good for the league. And it’s great for the fans, even for those who are perhaps not huge hockey fans. A match like that here, it would be incredible. I’m sure it would be presented to sold out. ”

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