Heroin delivered to Quebec by bus …

palais-justice-quebec(Quebec) The traffickers do not lack imagination to trade without attracting attention. They even heroin will send parcels … by bus.

The project Garrocher the Quebec City police went rather unnoticed in April 2014. However, it was the first time that investigators managed to dismantle the capital in a highly structured heroin trafficking network.

To be successful, police used means of investigation that would not have disowned a good writer in Hollywood.

As recounted in court the Crown Attorney Sandra Mr. Rioux, the police initially tried to infiltrate the network with traditional means by sending an undercover officer playing customers. As the small group of heroin users is woven tightly in Quebec, double agents, unknown vendors, have failed.

Wiretap warrants were finally allowed police to discover the network operation.

They learned that traffickers particular, instead of moving every time between Montreal, their source of supply, and Quebec used the Expedi-Bus messaging service.

To prove heroin trafficking, the police managed to intercept the packages out of the coffers of the bus, were weighed and have taken the drug samples. Before repack everything carefully so as not to arouse suspicion traffickers.

Since police strikes, at least half of the 16 defendants pleaded guilty and received sentences beefy, sometimes up to seven and a half years in prison. The type of drugs trafficked, which causes extremely rapid dependence, control exemplary sentences, insisted Mr. Rioux.

Monday it was the turn of Philippe Mourey, 35, to admit guilt to trafficking charges, conspiracy and possession for the purpose of trafficking heroin.

Mourey had received eight including heroin packet Expedi-Bus.

The man, who had a criminal history driving while impaired, was struggling with a serious heroin problem, said his lawyer, Mr. Jean-Philippe Grenier. “It is by far,” said Mr. Grenier, about his client, former owner of an optical cable business.

The parties agreed to recommend a prison sentence of six and a half years. Judge Hélène Bouillon will make its decision on the sentence on October 9.

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