Highway 30 four years to rebuild 10 km

mysterieuses-bosses-apparues-chaussee-a30Users of Highway 30 may well have to deal with new uprisings of the road over the next four years, the time it takes the Department of Transport (MTQ) to rebuild a stretch of 10 km between Sorel-Tracy and Contrecoeur, eastern Monteregie.

The reconstruction work will be launched soon. According to a spokesman for the MTQ, Benoît Lachance, this project has been accelerated due to the appearance of the mysterious “bumps” in the road of the A30 which led to a partial closure of the highway for reasons Security last Sunday. As luck would have it the tender, already planned or launched the following day.

According to Mr. Lachance, the first pavement reconstruction work will be completed this year westbound between kilometers 133 and 137 of Sorel-Tracy aside. In 2016, work will continue on the same stretch of four kilometers, this time heading east.

The detailed schedule of reconstruction of 127 to 133 kilometers in 2017 and 2018, has not yet been established.

Almost two days of closure

Normal traffic was restored yesterday after almost two days of complete closure of Highway 30 eastbound, between kilometers 126 and 137. The closure was triggered by the discovery of an uprising of the roadway, which occurred Sunday near Saint-Roch-sur-Richelieu.

A detour route has been built on over 10 km on local road networks to bypass the deformed floor, which seemed to have been raised under strong pressure from the ground.

Such deformation, according to Mr. Lachance, is not exceptional in this segment of highway, built in the 70s, and could happen again in the summer, hot weather, because of the properties of materials used to time to build roads.

“Highway 30 has a mixed concrete and asphalt pavement, made from concrete slabs that are more than six meters long, says Lachance. Is no longer used today slabs 4.5 to 5.5 meters for these roads, because we have found over time that the concrete tends to take more expansion over a long slab, when it is very hot in summer. ”

The absence of steel rods to connect the concrete slab is also partly responsible for this phenomenon, which occurs only in extremely hot weather, as was the case last Sunday.

Mr. Lachance said the MTQ had intervened repeatedly to rebuild joints tile, apply correction on the asphalt layers of the A30, in recent years to extend the life of the motorway, which must now undergo a more radical facelift.

The project of reconstructing this portion of Highway 30, between kilometers 127 and 137, was among multiple sites totaling 555 million announced last spring by the MTQ in his roadwork program of Montérégie in 2015 and 2016.

The cost of work for the first two years the site was briefly established between 10 and 25 million.

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