His erratic behavior attracts the attention of a police officer

1162468A driver caught the attention of an officer of the Surete du Quebec (SQ) while traveling on the Foucault Boulevard, Drummondville, Wednesday afternoon.

Around 14:30, a police officer conducted the interception of 31 year old man who was driving erratically in addition to not wearing a seatbelt.

“During the operation, the police found that the driver was driving ability impaired by drugs,” says Aurélie Guindon, spokesman for the SQ.

“So he arrested him and taken to the station in order to undergo testing for drugs in evaluating officer. ”

Police intervention has also allowed for the seizure of narcotics in the suspect’s vehicle, or sachets of cocaine, more than 500 tablets of methamphetamine, and various other items used for drug trafficking, adds Guindon.

The man was kept prisoner. The suspect should be charged with driving while impaired by drugs and possession of drugs for trafficking.

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