Hockey for autistic children could be offered

The group of young people with autism could play hockey this winter in the region. A project launched by Jean-Allard Foundation, in collaboration with the Club Minor Hockey Chicoutimi, is currently on the table and if demand is strong enough, a group will jump on the ice at the end of September.

The creation of a team of young people with autism is conditional on a number of at least 12 young people show interest. Offered to children aged between six and 15 years, the idea is to enable these young people to come together and play hockey together.

“The important thing is to have the motivation to practice hockey and the desire to have fun on the ice. That is all that is required, “says the coordinator of the John Allard Foundation, Audrey Morissette. When contacted by The Daily early evening Tuesday, she had received the appeal of four parents interested in enrolling their child.

The project objective is to organize a training one hour a week. Should the group is quite high, young people could dispute friendly games between them. Groups could be formed depending on the skill level of youth. In this sense, the groups would not be created by age, contrary to what one sees in minor hockey.

“People with autism generally have difficult social interactions with neurotypical people, that is to say those who are not autistic, Audrey Morissette explains, adding that the project would help create a sense of belonging in the autism community. They are also more sedentary as they have interests that are turned more toward technology generally. This is not a performance issue is to have fun and learn. ”

For now, only one group of hockey for autistic children in Quebec. Lynx Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu were created two years ago.

A welcome idea

The Coordinator of Minor Hockey Club of Chicoutimi, Dany Fortin, welcomes the idea. It now allows time for the team of Jean-Allard Foundation to survey the interest of young people with autism.

“It is interesting for both parties, says Dany Fortin. It’s great exposure for autistic young people, who often have more difficulty integrating in a team sport. For minor hockey, it allows us to get involved in the community and we think it’s important. It was a fine positive feedback for now, we must now look after feasibility. We hope it will succeed and we are working hard on it. It’s nothing too difficult, just to have the time and put the right people in the right place. ”

Although the project is headed by the Minor Hockey Club of Chicoutimi, young people living with autism spectrum disorder Jonquière, La Baie and even the Lac-Saint-Jean are invited to embark on the adventure. Those interested can contact Audrey Morissette email at [email protected]

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