Home childcare services of fear of disappearing

toyCare service managers in family environment, CSN members, returned to the charge to denounce the government Couillard, in their opinion, does everything to weaken the network. They even fear the disappearance of some family child care.

Lucie Longchamps, the representative of the responsible care service sector (RSG) to the Federation of Health and Social Services (FSSS-CSN), resents the recent decision of the Quebec government to abolish the principle of pricing unique and imposing, instead, a modulated based on family income pricing.

For her, the result is worrisome because many RSG are threatened with extinction. Is that parents leave more educational services governed family, to go to commercial centers without reduced-contribution, enjoying “largely” of tax credits granted to families.

Union spokesman also wants the Minister of Family, Francine Charbonneau, who has recently stated that there was no difference between child care in early childhood center (CPE) and a commercial nursery when she was asked about the fact that 4,000 children had left the CPE to go into profit centers.

Ms. Longchamps cautions that educational childcare services in regulated family child have high standards, which, she says, is confirmed by the low number of complaints about these services.

Consequently, Ms. Longchamps calls for the Minister Charbonneau strengthens the development of subsidized child care in a family setting.

Despite the weather, dozens of people in the Montreal region, officials daycares and parents with their children, held Saturday to participate in a festive gathering in a park in Ahuntsic in Montreal to defend their point of view.

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