Home Oxygen saved … for now

peut-reprendre-souffleThe Oxygen House can take a breath. After a grueling month of March where she launched a collection of emergency funds, it can say mission accomplished, for now.

“When the postman came this morning, we exceeded our goal. We received an anonymous donation of $ 7,000 by mail. They are not believed, we called the donor to see if it was right, but he confirmed that this was correct. Were harvested slightly more than $ 27,000, we are extremely happy. This is a huge relief, especially for families. We clapped hands today, “says Executive Director, Sarah Gaudet.

The money raised allows the Oxygen House to buy some time, pending responses from its dealings with the government.

“The ball is in the government’s court. I think the message could not be clearer. Within two weeks the population has responded to our cry of alarm. We want to tell the government: “Look, this is really necessary, we have the support of the population, do something. “Donations come from Monsieur and Madame Tout-le-Monde, sometimes really big amounts of $ 1,000, the $ 3,000,” adds Sarah Gaudet.

Help update

Since its birth, the House Oxygen, which offers psychosocial difficulties in hosting the fathers and their children, lived only for donations from the public and businesses, a total that amounts to $ 700,000 to day. In its last budget, the federal government provided a grant of $ 89.9 million for shelters for women in Canada.

“Accommodation for women is absolutely essential, but it must update the help they bring to adapt to the new reality. The fathers want to be more present, statistics show that they are getting more and more full custody of the children. Without being competition to refresh the mode of distribution of grants, “said Ms. Gaudet.

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